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Amazon Ads 101 featured image

Want to try Amazon Ads? In this post, we’ll give you an overview of Amazon Ads, the benefits, and share some tips on how to get started. ...

15-MINUTE READ | By Fanny Heimonen

Making data-driven decisions is difficult without analytics tools to help you out. Even if your data already exists in marketing platforms, CRM, financial systems, or survey tools, this scenario doesn’t give the insight you need to draw decisions from your data. Luckily, there are multiple analytics platforms to choose from. We’ll cover two of them: ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Tea Korpi

How to use Google Search Console for SEO audit and keyword research [free template]

Many people think that search engine optimization (SEO) is all about keywords. But there’s more to getting your site ranked higher on Google’s search results than just using the right keywords. It’s also about learning how to combine those keywords on a page and site-wide basis to establish yourself as an authority and optimizing them ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Palash Nag

Google Trends reporting in Google Data Studio: A free template and tutorial

Google Trends is a great tool for understanding what your audience is interested in or curious about. Content marketers can use Google Trends to search for keywords. Performance marketers can use it for campaign planning. And social media marketers can use the tool to stay ahead of trends. However, more often than not, you may ...

5-MINUTE READ | By Joy Huynh

CallRail announcement

The cat is finally out of the bag! We’re happy to announce that CallRail has officially joined the Supermetrics connector squad. ?? Now you can easily move your CallRail data to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel, data visualization tools, and data warehouses with Supermetrics. Let’s take a look at some reports you can build ...

3-MINUTE READ | By Joy Huynh

Snapchat Marketing connector

Snapchat Marketing has officially joined the Supermetrics connector squad. ?? We’re happy to announce that you can now pull your paid Snapchat data into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel, BI tools, and data warehouses with Supermetrics. With this connector, you can: Let’s take a look at each case in more detail. Create in-depth Snapchat ...

4-MINUTE READ | By Joy Huynh

StackAdapt announcement banner

Today, another much-anticipated connector, StackAdapt, joins the Supermetrics connector squad! ? Now you can get data from one of the most popular programmatic demand-side platforms to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and Excel.  With the StackAdapt connector you can: Create a comprehensive user journey analysis Your StackAdapt campaigns can belong to different stages of the ...

3-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko


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