Mar 2, 2021

Level up your Snapchat Ads reporting with a brand new connector from Supermetrics

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[ Updated Feb 1, 2023 ]

Snapchat Marketing has officially joined the Supermetrics connector squad. ??

We’re happy to announce that you can now pull your paid Snapchat data into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel, BI tools, and data warehouses with Supermetrics.

With this connector, you can:

  • Analyze your Snapchat campaigns’ performance in-depth
  • Calculate your ecommerce marketing campaigns’ ROAS 
  • Create cross-channel paid marketing reports

Let’s take a look at each case in more detail.

Create in-depth Snapchat Ads reports

If you’re running multiple campaigns on Snapchat, you’d probably agree that monitoring your campaign performance isn’t a walk in the park. For one thing, you need to jump between different tabs and dig into different ad sets just to get the data you need.

With the Snapchat Marketing connector, you can easily pull the metrics and dimensions you need for reporting.

And the best part? You just need to build the report once. Supermetrics will make sure to keep your report fresh and up-to-date.

“What I love about the Supermetrics Snapchat Marketing connector is that it lets me pull data while I sleep. I can walk to my desk in the morning, knowing all my client reports are updated. This saves me hours each week and lets me focus on analyzing data and finding insights. I can never go back to doing reporting by hand,” says Duane Brown, Head of Strategy, at Take Some Risk.

Now let’s see how you can analyze your Snapchat campaigns in more detail with this connector.?

Campaign performance report

When monitoring Snapchat campaigns, Duane likes to see:

  • The total monthly ad spend and ROAS
  • A weekly breakdown to see if any trends are worth noticing
Snapchat Ads campaign performance report

You can create a report like Duane using this query:

Supermetrics query example
  • Data source: Snapchat Marketing
  • Select accounts: choose the Snapchat account you want to pull data from
  • Select dates: set the date range you wanna see the data from. You can either choose one of the preset dynamic date ranges or set your custom range. In this example, I chose “Year to date.”
  • Select metrics: Impressions, ad clicks, cost per click, purchases, etc.
  • Split by dimensions: Month & week, campaign name
  • Options: Attribution window: 1 day view+7 day swipe

Make sure you set up auto-updates to keep your data up to date.

Once you run the query, click on “Get data.”

This report is super helpful, especially if you want to compare different campaigns. You can easily monitor their weekly performance and see which ones drive more conversions.

Ad performance report

Great ads help you capture your audience’s attention, drive traffic to your online store, and ultimately generate sales.

The only way to figure out which ads work and which don’t is to report on your creatives’ performance.

With this report, you’ll see:

  • Your best ads
  • The creative styles that work best, e.g. an indoor picture vs. an outdoor picture
  • Each campaign’s creative combination that works best, e.g. a static image vs. a user-generated-content video for a top-of-funnel campaign

Let’s say you want to see which ads drive the most purchases. You can use this query:

  • Data source: Snapchat Marketing
  • Select accounts: choose your Snapchat Ads account
  • Select dates: set the date range for your data, e.g. year to date
  • Select metrics: Cost, add-to-cart, started checkout, purchases, cost per purchase
  • Split by dimensions: Creative name, creative type
  • Options: Attribution window: 1 day view+7 day swipe

Once you’re ready with your query, click on “Get data,” and your spreadsheet will look something like this.?

Snapchat ad performance report

From here, you can quickly identify which ads drive the most conversions and purchases.

Calculate the ROAS of your ecommerce marketing campaigns

If you want to grow your online store with paid ads, it’s important to understand how your campaigns help drive revenue. By combining Snapchat Ads campaign performance metrics with data from Shopify or Google Analytics’ ecommerce report, you’ll see:

  • If your Snapchat traffic converts
  • Your best-selling products
  • Whether your landing page encourages visitors to purchase your products

For example, you can compare your cost-per-add-to-cart to your average order value to see if your campaign is profitable. Let’s say your average order value is $75, but your cost-per-add-to-cart is $100. In this case, you can lower your cost-per-add-to-cart by:

  • Improving your product copy (Is your copy persuasive and relevant to your audience?)
  • Improving on-site experience (Is your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate?)
  • Making your CTA buttons super obvious (Do you have the add-to-cart buttons next to your products?)

Create cross-channel reports

“For all our clients, we built a dashboard that looks at ad spend across all channels. This lets us zoom in and see how each channel is doing for a client,” says Duane.

With Supermetrics, you can easily pull data from all your paid channels, including Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., to create a cross-channel report.

A cross-channel report shows you:

  • Your paid channels’ overview performance
  • Your best channels
  • Your best campaign per channel

Duane and his team saved hours creating cross-channel reports by using Supermetrics instead of building them manually.

“We’d like to look at monthly and weekly performance across all channels. This can be time-consuming if you update the data manually or download CSV files from every ad channel and reformat them in Google Sheets. Supermetrics is worth 2x the price if you value your time as a marketer. Your reporting should be one area you save tons of time,” Duane says.

Snapchat marketing dashboard for Google Data Studio

To get you started with Snapchat Ads reporting, we’ve created a Snapchat marketing dashboard template for Google Data Studio.

Snapchat Marketing dashboard

This template provides a high-level overview of your Snapchat Ads performance. You’ll see:

  • Your account performance overview
  • Your best campaigns and best ads
  • A breakdown of impressions by country, age, and gender

If you want to use the template, simply check the “Use report template for new reports” box when connecting your Snapchat data to Google Data Studio.

Connect accounts

Wrapping up

The Snapchat Marketing connector will be available in the Super Pro package of Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Excel. 

If you have any questions about the connector, check out this getting started guide.

If you’d like to transfer your data from Snapchat to a data warehouse, cloud storage, or a BI tool, contact our sales team to learn more.

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