Why you should move to GA4, and why now

In October 2020, Google launched the newest version of Google Analytics 4 or GA4. The marketing around this launch focused on its powerful features. If you haven’t moved across to GA4 now, then you’ll want to keep reading. Let’s look…

9-MINUTE READ | By Sophie Michaud

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The ultimate guide to marketing data analytics

Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard, and you’ll see hundreds of metrics across a variety of reports. Slice and dice that data, viewing website information depending on the visitor’s referral source, device, operating system… Feeling overwhelmed? The even more…

12-MINUTE READ | By Elise Dopson

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Supermetrics vs.: Why data access models matter

My rudimentary knowledge of SEO tells me that you’re probably somewhere in the middle of our marketing funnel and are comparing alternatives to Supermetrics. Otherwise, why would you be reading this? If you’ve made it this far into the evaluation…

10-MINUTE READ | By Evan Kaeding

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Smarter charts make better dashboards

We’ve created many dashboards at Supermetrics. When we started building custom visualizations, we didn’t just look at features but also made sure they blended well into the dashboard creation process. This article will uncover some of these features that you’ll…

5-MINUTE READ | By Ralph Spandl

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