What can I do with Supermetrics?

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Aggregate data from different platforms

Quickly create cross-channel reports that combine your TikTok performance data with data from your advertising and web analytics platforms.

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Create granular performance reports

Get insights into your audience's location, language, age, gender, and many other dimensions. For example, you can break down ad clicks by hour, which isn’t supported in TikTok's reporting UI.

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Understand the customer journey

Combine TikTok performance metrics with conversion data for all the different in-app and/or page events to understand what people do after they click on your ad.

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      I’m happy to take part in user research. A member of the Supermetrics team can contact me via email.

    Here's what our customers say

    Sebastian Mehldau VanMoof

    "Supermetrics really focuses on the quality of connectors, which means that we can pull a lot more in-depth data from their connectors than others."

    Sebastian Mehldau, Growth Marketing Manager, VanMoof

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