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Join a tight-knit team who win together

With us, you'll enjoy an international atmosphere and an easy-going culture built on trust and transparency.

We strive to make Supermetrics an excellent workplace where you can do your best work with other resourceful and growth-minded people.

Our team is known for being friendly, supportive, and having a knack for throwing great parties.
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What we value in our teammates

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Growth mindset and drive

As a scale-up company, Supermetrics is always evolving, and we're eager to challenge ourselves to learn and grow with it. We support our people through career development opportunities (linear and horizontal) and a personal learning budget.

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Communication and transparency

We operate on trust and have an open and frank communication and feedback culture. Everyone's opinion is valued, and we foster a safe environment where we can talk about the hard stuff, too.

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Proactivity and innovation

We're forward-looking and action-oriented, always seeking to improve our products and ways of working. A keen product and customer focus helps us keep on innovating. We all have influence over our work environment and encourage each other to take action to improve it.

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Respect and team play

Being kind, helpful, trustworthy, and humble is key to thriving on all levels of the organization. We're diverse and equal, treat our colleagues with respect, and take good care of our customers.

Bringing our global team together at Superscape offsites

We take intentional steps to nurture a sense of togetherness within our team. It's a must for smooth collaboration in a global team with a flexible approach to remote work.

Our all-hands offsites, Superscapes, are one way to get to know each other as people, not just coworkers, and soak up our unique culture.

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Here's what you get to enjoy if you join us

A much loved workplace culture

Autonomy, colleagues, and management support are the top-scorers in our biweekly employee engagement survey. Overall, our employee net promoter score is above 60. People at Supermetrics value the flexibility and freedom, the learning opportunities, the caring and friendly teammates, and our unique company culture.

A profitably built, growing business

Since we were founded in 2013, we've grown profitably to fuel insights for 200K+ companies in 120 countries and over 50M€ in annual recurring revenue. We can and do invest in our people's growth, well-being, and productivity.

A fun-loving work community

If team activities are your cup of tea, we've got you covered. Teammates do all kinds of fun things together, like movie nights, crafts, sports, cooking, and gaming. We even have three esports teams in the house! And an extremely active SuperPets Slack channel where we fawn over each others' (mostly) furry friends.

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