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Connecting your data to Tableau Prep Builder with Supermetrics API [a step-by-step tutorial]

In order to build an actionable and insightful report in Tableau, you need to have well-prepared and clean data. However, since businesses have data in many different places and formats, cleaning data for analysis can become a heavy process. That is until Tableau introduced Tableau Prep Builder to empower data users — including analysts and ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Bartosz Schneider

how to load historical marketing data into Power BI

The Supermetrics API makes it easy to get fresh marketing data into Power BI using the “web data connector”.  But, Power BI starts to run into issues when the data volume grows beyond 10k rows from a single query. For marketing teams and agencies with large amounts of advertising data, this is simply a non-starter. ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Evan Kaeding


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