May 20, 2020

Take full control of your queries with the updated Supermetrics API

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[ Updated Jan 31, 2023 ]

We’ve updated the Supermetrics API to give you more opportunities to use data in your reporting. With a bunch of user-friendly improvements, the new Supermetrics API gives you even more possibilities to extract data to use in BI tools, custom solutions, and data warehouses. In this article, we look at the new features you can find in Supermetrics API. 

What can you do with Supermetrics API?

Supermetrics API helps you move data from your marketing and advertising platforms into different reporting and business analytics tools. Supermetrics API connects data sources using source-specific connectors, which means that you don’t have to set up complex integrations on your own.

The connectors automatically pull data from the sources with the help of data schemas. A data schema is a set of queries that extract certain fields from the source. After connecting the sources to Supermetrics API, you can build a query with the metrics and dimensions you want to pull. Queries built with Supermetrics API transfer your data to reporting tools, data warehouses, and custom-built solutions. You don’t need to bother with intensive integration or extensive scripting as Supermetrics API makes all this possible with just a few clicks.

New query manager for Supermetrics API

The new user interface of Supermetrics API is called the query manager. Within this new user interface, you can create queries and connect your sources with just a few clicks. All options are selected from dropdown menus, making your query building experience quick and easy. The query manager provides a URL that can be used to generate API requests and JSON responses. Output formats also contain BI tool specific outputs for Qlik, Tableau, and PowerBI. Queries can be run directly in the interface with exports to JSON or a CSV file.

Supermetrics Query Manager

Build the exact kind of queries you need

The new query manager lets you customize your data queries. Select the data source that you want to pull data from and select the time frame you want to see. Choose the metrics and dimensions from the dropdown menu and run your query. If you need to filter data, you can add filters to the query from the menu. All this can be done with no scripting. The query manager also makes collaboration easy, as queries and created schemas can be shared across teams.

Query manager interface

Save & load queries for later use

If you run specific queries often, you might want to use them later. With the new query manager, you can save these queries for later use. When creating a query, just tick the “Save query” box and the query will be available for later use. This is helpful in situations where you know you need to return to a query. You can also easily modify these saved queries. Just click on the “Edit query” button, make your changes, and save. Whenever you need to return to your saved queries, just scroll over to the control panel and run them.

Saved query

Create your own data extraction schemas

Supermetrics connectors also feature standardized schemas that cover the most important data fields of major marketing data sources. However, sometimes there are specific fields that form a key component of your reporting.

The new query manager is designed to create customized data extraction schemas. Sometimes the standardized schemas don’t cover all specific fields, especially in customized solutions. With the query manager, you now have the possibility to create your own custom schemas to help pull more relevant data for reporting.

Create customised data extraction schemas

Pull data into your BI tools

Supermetrics API makes pulling data into your BI tools easy. By automatically building an API query link, the data pulled by Supermetrics API can be connected to any reporting tool. Just select your format, customize the dimensions, and insert the link. 

Supermetrics API comes with standardly formatted links for PowerBI, Qlik, and Tableau. JSON format links provided can be used for any other tool that supports JSON responses. If you need JSON or CSV files, you can run the query inside the query manager and export the results in single files. This can be used for various workflows, such as extracting historical files manually for combining with production data.

Extract your marketing data in JSON format with Supermetrics API

Updates under the hood

Not only has Supermetrics API gained new features but it has also gotten overhauls under the hood. Supermetrics API now pulls paginated data, allowing larger data extracts to be pulled in slices if needed. Process queueing has been improved, introducing processing queue and worker-based prioritization. The new Supermetrics API also introduces asynchronous queries, helping you control time-intensive queries. To read more about the API updates, take a look at our updated documentation.

Over to you

Supermetrics API has taken a step forward in providing you with a flexible set of features for data transfers. With the new query manager, creating new data extractions is easy and takes just a few clicks. Queries can be retrieved and saved, streamlining your efficiency as you’ll spend less time on rebuilding queries. With improved efficiency, Supermetrics API brings your marketing data where you need it.

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