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Introducing shared connections in the Supermetrics add-in for Excel

Starting today, you can see a new icon next to your data source connections. This small change will take a lot off your shoulders when building and updating your marketing reports with other people. A single click to make a connection shared or private Turn ‘sharing’ mode on and let your teammates use your connection ...

3-MINUTE READ | By Irina Pozniakova

Upcoming changes to the Supermetrics Team Portal

The Supermetrics Team Portal is an essential part of using the Supermetrics platform. You can manage your license, connect data sources, set up data transfers, and monitor how your queries are performing, among other things. To improve usability and set the platform up for some exciting future functionality updates, we’re releasing a redesign of how ...

3-MINUTE READ | By Aleksander Cardwell

Google Analytics 4

Want to learn more about GA4? Check our GA4 Knowledge Center for tutorial videos, support articles and blog posts. If you have a tendency to get nerdy about web analytics data (like we do), you’ve probably already played around with Google Analytics 4.  In fact, you may have even tried Supermetrics’ Google Analytics 4 connector. ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen

Supermetrics for Azure Synapse

Earlier this year, we introduced Supermetrics for Azure Storage, a fully managed data pipeline that allows you to move your marketing and sales data into Microsoft’s data lake solution with a few clicks. Ever since then, many of our customers have been asking if they could move data directly into Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft’s newly ...

5-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

Snowflake connector banner

As the volume of marketing data grows, more and more businesses are moving their data to a data warehouse. Snowflake is a great choice for many as it can be built on top of any existing cloud platform, whether it’s Google, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. That’s why we built a Snowflake connector for ...

4-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

We’re excited to announce that Supermetrics will be acquiring Da Vinci Tools, a popular provider of Google Marketing Platform power tools for marketers and analysts. As a first step, we’ll be removing the paid tier of Da Vinci Tools, making all of its powerful features free to both current and future users. We’re also thrilled ...

By Supermetrics

5-MINUTE READ · By Anna Shutko Today another much-requested data source is joining the Supermetrics connector family, and it’s Criteo! This platform is one of the biggest players on the display advertising market—Criteo served more than 1300 billion ads to date. Criteo works with retailers to display personalized online display advertisements to consumers who have previously ...

By Supermetrics


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