Mar 16, 2021

Introducing Supermetrics for Azure Synapse: the easiest way to move marketing and sales data to Microsoft’s analytics service

5-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

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[ Updated Dec 5, 2023 ]

Earlier this year, we introduced Supermetrics for Azure Storage, a fully managed data pipeline that allows you to move your marketing and sales data into Microsoft’s data lake solution with a few clicks.

Ever since then, many of our customers have been asking if they could move data directly into Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft’s newly revamped data analytics service.

And now, we have great news for those who asked: Supermetrics for Azure Synapse is here! And with it, you can get your transfers flowing in minutes.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the four reasons why you should try Supermetrics for Azure Synapse and quickly cover how you can get started with your free 14-day trial.

The 4 reasons why you should try Supermetrics for Azure Synapse

Here are the four main reasons why you should take Supermetrics for Azure Synapse out for a spin:

1. Reliable integrations with the most popular marketing and sales data sources

With Supermetrics’ data source connectors, you’ll be able to move any and all of the metrics and dimensions you need from the most popular marketing and sales platforms. For your marketing team, this means more granular reporting and deeper insights, allowing them to get a better handle on attribution, accurately analyze campaign performance, and optimize marketing spend across channels.

The other big benefit of a managed pipeline is that you don’t have to worry about pipeline maintenance. When there’s a change in one of the source APIs, we’ll make sure to reflect that change in the pipeline. With Supermetrics, you can say goodbye to pipeline downtime and you’ll end up saving tens of thousands every year.

2. Remove the headache of data movement and orchestration

To get your data flowing into Azure Synapse Analytics, all you need to do is sign in to the Supermetrics Hub and configure your transfers with a few clicks (but more on that a little later).

And as you’ll no longer have to manage data flows, you’ll be able to gain more control over your resources. Instead of having your data engineers spend weeks on developing, testing, and maintaining custom API connections, all you have to do is select the data sources from which you’d like to move data to your Azure Synapse Analytics instance, specify the tables, and monitor the progress of your ongoing transfers.

If a transfer happens to fail for any reason, you’ll get an instant notification and will be able to troubleshoot immediately. This way, you can focus on higher-value tasks like data architecture, data modeling, analytics, and visualization.

3. Unmatched security

With Supermetrics, your transfers are end-to-end encrypted, so you can rest assured that your data is transferred safely every step of the way. All our products are compliant under both GDPR and CCPA. And unlike most managed data pipelines, we fetch data at runtime and never store data on our servers.

In addition, Supermetrics has been externally audited and is compliant under the SOC 2 standards. You can read more about our security policy here.

4. Your data, the way you want it

We offer predefined, denormalized schemas that are BI ready. To find a schema description for every data source connector, check out this page.

Need to pull metrics or dimensions that the standard schemas don’t cover? No worries. You can easily create custom schemas with Supermetrics by simply selecting the fields and tables relevant to your business. You can use this feature to limit the data you pull into your Azure Synapse instance, or to customize the shape and size of your data.

How to get started with Supermetrics for Azure Synapse

To see Supermetrics for Azure Synapse in action, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start your free 14-day trial (no credit card required)
  2. Sign in to the Supermetrics Hub with your Microsoft (or Google) account
  3. Check out the prerequisites for creating a destination with Supermetrics for Azure Synapse
  4. Configure the destination on the Supermetrics Hub by following these instructions
  5. Connect to your data sources
  6. Schedule your transfers and backfill your data
  7. Voilà!

Alternatively, you can contact our sales team to book a demo.

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