Feb 13, 2023

Shared connections: Making sharing data source logins easy

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[ Updated May 17, 2023 ]

One of the things that make building marketing reports tedious is manually managing data source logins and account permission for your team and clients.

Introducing shared connections—a new feature that lets you easily share logins with those who need access. It’ll help you improve your team’s efficiency and collaboration.

Shared connections are available for all Supermetrics products except Supermetrics for monday.com.

In this post, we’ll discuss what a shared connection is and how you can benefit from it.

What is a shared connection?

Let’s say you want to pull Facebook Ads data into Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio). To do this, you need to log in to your Facebook Ads account and give Supermetrics the necessary permissions. This login is a connection.

Shared connections allow you to authenticate to a data source account once and make that connection accessible to your team. Your teammates won’t have to log in to the account again. They can use your shared connection to fetch data.

This new feature is free for all Supermetrics users.

How shared connections benefit you and your team

Shared connections allow you to make a connection, or login, shared or private, with a single click. You can turn the sharing mode on and let your teammates use your login to create or refresh reports. Or, click the same icon to turn the sharing mode off. 

 Manage connections in the Supermetrics Team Site

This function is available across all Supermetrics products, except Supermetrics for monday.com.

This small but mighty change will take a lot off your shoulders when building and updating your marketing reports with other people, including colleagues and clients. 

Let’s look at its main benefits.

Share the data source logins with your teammates and clients

Instead of spending time giving authentication to your teammates, you can give them access to your login by creating a shared connection. They can then use it to bring data to any destination.

Let’s say you built an Excel report. But Bob from the performance team is more comfortable using Looker Studio. You can share your data source login in Excel with Bob so he can build his report in Looker Studio. Additionally, you can share the same connection with Henri from the analyst team if he wants to get the same data into your data warehouse.

Request authentication from external parties easily

To make things even easier, you can copy an authentication URL and request authentication from the data source login owner.

Button to copy authentication url

For example, if you’re an agency onboarding a new client and want to connect their data sources with Supermetrics. You can send them this link and ask them to authenticate the connection. This saves you time asking for appropriate access to the platforms in question.

Which Supermetrics destinations support shared connections

All Supermetrics destinations, except Supermetrics for monday.com, support shared connections.

Enabling shared connections in different products

There are two ways to allow shared connections.

  • Through the Supermetrics Hub
  • Directly from your reporting tools

Option 1: Through the Supermetrics Hub

The easiest way to activate this function is through the Supermetrics Hub. It’s a centralized place for all Supermetrics users to manage their accounts, data sources, destinations, queries, and more. 

You can easily manage shared connections on the Hub.

The Supermetrics Team Site

Option 2: Enable shared connections directly in your reporting tools

Alternatively, you can also share the data source logins directly from your reports, depending on the tools you’re using:

Learn more about Supermetrics shared connections:

Check out our support articles if you’d like to learn more about Shared Connections.

Happy sharing and reporting!

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