Affiliate and Partner Marketing Strategies,

Can you do affiliate marketing on Twitter? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out. Instead of simply promoting Twitter as a promising marketing channel for driving affiliate sales, let’s take a more realistic look at this topic and try to evaluate whether it’s a viable path for anyone’s customer journey. Would you click an ...

7-MINUTE READ | By Johannes Rastas

TL;DR: If you’re already familiar with Google Data Studio and just want to swipe our free dashboard template, simply take a copy of this paid channel mix template. For more info on how to use this template, keep reading. Performance marketers know it best. Staying on top of your paid campaigns isn’t easy, especially if you’re ...

8-MINUTE READ | By Joy Huynh

Twitter Premium has officially joined the Supermetrics connector squad!  With this new integration, you can analyze your organic activities on Twitter or compare them with other social networks’ performance stats. Continue reading to learn more about this connector and don’t forget to try out our free, plug-and-play reporting template for Google Data Studio. Why should ...

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