Centralized data. Better decision making.

Supermetrics automatically brings siloed marketing data into your data warehouse so you can focus on finding and acting on the insights.

15%+ of global online ad spend is reported through Supermetrics

Supermetrics for data warehousing


Easy setup, no hassle

Get all the data you need in your data warehouse without writing a single line of code. All it takes is a few clicks.


Scale with confidence

We have a solution for you, whether you want to add new data sources or upgrade your data stack. For complex data needs, we offer customized onboarding training and dashboard building services from our experts.


Secure data transfers

Supermetrics is SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. Your data is encrypted at the source and decrypted at the destination to ensure no one can access it during the transfer.

Which destination is right for you?

Supermetrics integrates with the most popular data warehouse platforms. Simply choose the data warehouse you’re using to get started.



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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse

Fueling insights for 200K+ companies in 120 countries


Here’s how Supermetrics helps you make the most of your data warehouse

Prove the value of marketing

Blend and combine marketing with other business data to track marketing-influenced revenue. Use attribution, marketing mix modeling, or other methods to analyze your data and extract meaningful insights.


Create one source of truth

Supermetrics integrates your data from 100+ platforms and makes it analysis-ready in your go-to reporting and analytics tools.

Source of truth diagram
We’re really impressed with the depth of reporting we’ve gained with the help of Supermetrics for BigQuery. We can easily serve our internal reporting needs. We can use existing BI tools instead of relying on proprietary reporting tools. Our reporting speed is now impressive — we had a report that took six hours to produce. That is now generated in a few seconds.
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Maxim Poliakov

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