Stop buying ads with a blindfold on

Use Supermetrics to stay on top of your ad spend, conversions, and ROAS across all your online ad channels. Connect ad data with on-site behavior and CRM data and get a full-funnel view of your performance.

+15% of global online ad spend is reported through Supermetrics

Supermetrics for performance marketers


Get a better view of your performance

Use Supermetrics to see all your relevant KPIs in one view. Connect data from multiple sources from each step of the funnel and understand how your performance marketing is really performing. At Supermetrics, we focus on connector quality, so you might even find more metrics and dimensions than what’s available in the native ad platforms.


No more manual reporting

With Supermetrics, you can automatically bring in data from 100+ sources to a destination of your choice — a spreadsheet, BI tool, or a data warehouse. Reduce time spent on reporting and instead focus on what matters, driving results.


Find opportunities for growth

With more time on your hands, you can run experiments and find new growth opportunities. Supermetrics makes it easy to compare marketing tactics or messages at different funnel steps or test new marketing channels without overloading yourself with reporting.

Which destination is right for you?

For performance marketers, a data warehouse solution like Google BigQuery or our API solution together with Looker Studio or Google Sheets is a popular combination. This lets you centralize and prepare data before building custom reports to track performance.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets



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Here’s how performance marketers are using Supermetrics to grow

Build cross-channel dashboards

Use Supermetrics for Looker Studio to create your own cross-channel dashboards with relevant KPIs, or use one of our ready-made templates. Connect to popular data sources like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads, and get your cross-channel data automatically into a single view.


Create one source of truth

Supermetrics integrates your data from 100+ platforms and makes it analysis-ready in your go-to reporting and analytics tools.

Source of truth diagram
Every morning, I open the master dashboard that we built with Supermetrics. The main benefit is that it always has fresh and accurate data in a single view. It saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to log into all these different platforms.
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Patrick Siki

Digital Media Strategist

Accenture Interactive

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