Paid Channel Mix template for Looker Studio

With the Paid Channel Mix template, you can connect multiple paid media sources and compare your results across channels. See how your cost, clicks, or conversions develop and see the channel performance side by side.

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Data sources:LinkedIn AdsGoogle AdsX Ads (Twitter)Facebook AdsMicrosoft Advertising (Bing)Pinterest Ads
Use cases:
Paid media
Social media

Report your overall paid performance

Compare multiple channels effortlessly

How to use the template

To get access to the template, make sure you have access to the paid channels you want to report and that you're logged in to Looker Studio.

  1. Click ‘Get the template’.
  2. Authenticate your account by clicking on ‘Authorize’.
  3. Choose an account for all the data sources. The account must be selected, other parameters are optional.
  4. Once you’re happy, click on ‘Connect’ in the top-right.
  5. The next page will display all available dimensions and metrics.
  6. Make sure that ‘Use report template for new reports’ is selected.
  7. Click ‘Connect’.
  8. Click 'Create report'. After this, the template will fetch all your data in the report, ready for you to derive insights!
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Questions you can answer with this template

Cost split

  • How's the cost split between channels?
  • Which channel had the lowest CPC?
  • How's the cost developing month to month?

Paid performance analysis

  • Which paid media channel performed the best last month?
  • How many times were my ads clicked?

Channel specific analysis

  • Which channel drove the most website conversions?
  • Which channel got the most impressions from the ads?

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