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Supermetrics brings all your social media data together in one place so you can monitor, analyze and improve your performance.

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Supermetrics for social media


Get insights faster

Instead of logging in to different platforms to see how things are going, quickly bring important social media metrics—such as cost, impressions, clicks, and conversions—to one place.


Your data, where you need it

Don’t isolate your social data. Move it to a destination—a spreadsheet, a BI tool, or a data warehouse—where you can freely analyze and combine it with other business data.


Save time on manual work

After setting up your reports you can eliminate hours of manual work by scheduling data transfers and automating your social media reporting.

Which destination is right for you?

For social media managers, Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio are popular combinations where you can centralize and prepare data before building custom dashboards to track performance.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

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Here’s how social media managers use Supermetrics to grow with data

Prove the value of social media

Easily combine social data with other business data, such as web analytics and CRM, to measure the ROI and show the impacts of your work.


Create one source of truth

Supermetrics integrates your data from 100+ platforms and makes it analysis-ready in your go-to reporting and analytics tools.

Source of truth diagram
Students are our main audience, and they’re super fast with getting on new platforms. Of course, we want to be where they are—whether it’s TikTok or Snapchat. I wanted to ensure that the tool we were going to use grew with us and kept adding new integrations besides the popular ones like Facebook and Instagram. And Supermetrics was on the ball and kept abreast of all these changes in the digital ecosystem.
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Marco Delgago

GM for Marketing Experience

Monash university

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