Make sense of your SaaS business

CAC, ROAS & LTV without the WTF. Supermetrics helps make sense of the complex B2B SaaS buyer journey by pulling data from all steps of the marketing funnel to one secure place.

+15% of global online ad spend is reported through Supermetrics

Supermetrics for B2B SaaS


Spend time pulling insights, not data

With Supermetrics, you can escape the data chaos and automatically bring all your sales and marketing data to your go-to reporting tool. Say goodbye to copy/paste and spend time pulling insights from your data rather than pulling the data itself.


Spot and react to sudden changes

With Supermetrics, you can set up regular data refreshes and email alerts if something unexpected happens, like your ad campaigns suddenly overspending. This lets you better monitor your performance and budgets across all channels, see if something changes, and quickly react.


Flexible solution for any data needs

As your company grows, so do your data needs. Smaller B2B SaaS companies might start by bringing their data to a spreadsheet, like Google Sheets. As your business evolves, you face more advanced data problems and shifting to a data warehouse might become timely. Supermetrics has a solution for wherever you are on your data journey.

Which destination is right for you?

Many of our B2B SaaS customers use either Google Sheets, Looker Studio, or our data warehouse products, like Snowflake. You can also purchase a combination of, for example, Looker Studio and Snowflake, which allows you to centralize and prepare data before building out custom dashboards to track performance.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets



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Here’s how B2B SaaS companies use Supermetrics to grow

Build a better marketing strategy

Understanding your customers’ behavior should be at the heart of any marketing strategy. To do this, you need data. Supermetrics helps you track the full marketing funnel, from top-of-funnel paid ads data to on-site behavior and post-conversion CRM data, so that you can make better business decisions.


Create one source of truth

Supermetrics integrates your data from 100+ platforms and makes it analysis-ready in your go-to reporting and analytics tools.

Source of truth diagram
The best part about Supermetrics is that it has saved us a lot of developer time. It has also made it easy for our marketing team to quickly get started with analytics.
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Aniruddh Jain

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