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How to use Google Search Console for SEO audit and keyword research [free template]

Many people think that search engine optimization (SEO) is all about keywords. But there’s more to getting your site ranked higher on Google’s search results than just using the right keywords. It’s also about learning how to combine those keywords on a page and site-wide basis to establish yourself as an authority and optimizing them ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Palash Nag

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” — Zen Shin. Competitors keep us on our toes. Imagine content marketing without competition and how that would impact content quality. No one would read another blog article again.  If you’re an affiliate marketer whose revenue relies on attracting ...

18-MINUTE READ | By Johannes Rastas

Technical SEO audit

We often assume that search engines are far more precise and knowledgeable than they are in reality. As a result, we often unwittingly develop poor practices that prevent our sites from reaching our search goals. Catching and correcting SEO mistakes like these are what audits are for.  In our time as growth-minded technical SEO consultants, ...

16-MINUTE READ | By John Reinesch and Branko Kral

How to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog

Pinterest is one of those platforms that many small business owners and bloggers overlook. This is often due to the misconception that the platform is only used for looking up recipes and home décor ideas. However, there are several other blog niches, such as fitness, DIY, finance, parenthood, tech, relationships, and coding, that are extremely ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Christian Coulson

SEO report templates

If you’ve ever tried to build an SEO report from scratch, you’ve probably noticed that it’s anything but easy. Even if you have a good idea of what KPIs to include, how to analyze your data, and which tools to use for reporting, you’ve still got a ton of decisions to make. Stuff like, how ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen

seo mistakes

Many marketers and business owners fail to get results from their search engine optimization efforts. Often, it’s because they’re falling prey to common SEO mistakes. In this article, I’ll share seven of the most critical SEO pitfalls you must avoid to get SEO results in 2021 and beyond. Mistake 1: Not setting clear SEO goals ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Harpreet Munjal

How to build SEO reports

When it comes to building SEO reports, no one knows their stuff like agency marketers. After all, clients are paying agencies not only for services like keyword research, on-page optimization, content marketing, and link building but also for proving the value of those services with clear reports. And that’s why for this article, we interviewed ...

14-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen


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