Jan 11, 2021

9 SEO report templates you can swipe today

6-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen

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[ Updated Oct 31, 2023 ]

If you’ve ever tried to build an SEO report from scratch, you’ve probably noticed that it’s anything but easy.

Even if you have a good idea of what KPIs to include, how to analyze your data, and which tools to use for reporting, you’ve still got a ton of decisions to make. Stuff like, how to structure your report, how to visualize the data, and how to communicate your findings to your stakeholders.

Instead of staring at a blank page and/or banging your head against the wall in exasperation, why not start building your report on top of a ready-made template

In this post, I’ll walk you through nine tried and true SEO reporting and analytics templates we love here at Supermetrics. Feel free to jump straight to the template that interests you the most:

  1. Website analytics
  2. Organic traffic and keyword analytics
  3. Automated keyword research
  4. Backlink analytics
  5. Brand vs. non-brand search results
  6. Domain and page authority
  7. Local SEO
  8. SEO content audit

And remember, once you’ve copied a template, you can always edit the structure, metrics, and visualizations to match your needs.

Ready? Let’s get down to business.

1. Website analytics template (with data from Google Analytics)

Google Analytics template for Google Data Studio.

One of the best ways to start understanding the relative success of your SEO efforts is to compare organic website traffic to website traffic from other sources.

This basic website analytics dashboard in Google Data Studio allows you to choose whether you’d like to analyze all traffic, organic traffic only, or any combination of other traffic sources at once.

The table in the middle of the dashboard goes beyond surface-level metrics like traffic by also allowing you to compare conversions and revenue by traffic source. 

Get the website analytics template >>

2. Organic traffic and keyword analysis template (with data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console)

Organic traffic and keyword analysis template (with data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console). Template by OIKIO Digital Performance Agency.

So you know how Google Analytics is a great tool for analyzing website traffic? And you know how Google Search Console allows you to see what people were searching for on Google when they landed on your website?

Well, this template is basically a combination of those two things, conveniently in one place. By pulling the number of sessions per landing page from Google Analytics, and impressions, clicks, and keywords per landing page from Google Search Console, you can quickly compare click-through rates between different pages and see which search terms are bringing in the most traffic.

Over time, as you put some effort into on-page optimization and link building, you’ll hopefully start seeing some promising results in this very report.

Copy the organic traffic and keyword analysis template >>

3. Automated keyword research template (with data from Semrush and Google Search Console)

Automated keyword research template (with data from SEMrush and Google Search Console)

Speaking of keywords… Taking the previous template one step further, you can also automate your keyword research process and get it done in five minutes. The best part? All you need is a single Google Sheets template and access to Supermetrics, Semrush API, and Google Search Console.

TL;DR: Simply copy the template and insert your core search terms to a dedicated tab in the spreadsheet (in the example above “analytics” is a core search term). The template will then automatically pull dozens of related keyword ideas per core search term and show whether you’re already ranking for those long-tail keywords.

Learn how to automate your keyword research with this Google Sheets template >>

Google Data Studio backlink report (with data from Ahrefs)

It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of Ahrefs here at Supermetrics. And one of the best features of the popular SEO tool is its backlink analytics. 

This Ahrefs backlink report dashboard helps you stay on top of your domain rating, total backlink count, internal links, pages with the most backlinks, and more.

Copy the backlink dashboard here >>

5. Brand vs. non-brand search results report (with data from Google Search Console)

Google Data Studio brand vs. non-brand search results report (with data from Google Search Console)

The one thing that Google Search Console doesn’t really help you with is separating brand-related keywords from non-brand keywords. And that’s where Supermetrics comes in handy.

With this Google Data Studio template, you can quickly compare the performance of your brand keywords and non-brand keywords.

Take a copy of the Google Data Studio dashboard template >>

Psst! For more creative ideas on how to use data from Google Search Console, check out this article.

7. Domain authority report template (with data from Moz)

Google Data Studio domain authority report template (with data from Moz).

If you’re using Moz and would like to stay on top of your domain metrics, including page authority and domain authority, you can use this Google Data Studio template as a starting point.

The template also allows you to keep tabs on your main SEO competitors’ domain authority.

Copy the Moz domain authority template here >>

6. Local SEO report template (with data from Google My Business)

Google my business view

If you’re running a brick-and-mortar business, Google My Business should be your best friend.

This template allows you to keep track of the most important metrics of all your locations and/or compare different locations’ search performance with one another.

Copy this Google My Business template here >>

Psst! If local search is your thing, check out these tips for optimizing your Google My Business profile.

7. SEO content audit template

Google Sheets SEO content audit template.

If you’re looking to audit your entire website to identify pages to update and/or unpublish, try this Google Sheets template.

By following the instructions on the first tab, you’ll be able to pull data from Google Analytics and Ahrefs to see which website pages you should:

  • Leave as is
  • Optimize
  • Delete
  • Redirect

Take a copy of the SEO content audit template here >>

Psst! If you want to narrow down your SEO content audit to your blog, check out this step-by-step tutorial

Got cool SEO reporting templates in your back pocket?

While I hope you found at least three templates to swipe from this post, the truth is that there can never be enough reporting inspiration.

And if you happen to be sitting on a treasure trove of cool SEO reporting templates that use Supermetrics, drop me a message (marketing at supermetrics dot com) so we can look into featuring yours in our template gallery.

Happy data crunching! ?

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