Google Analytics 4 reporting template for Looker Studio (Data Studio)

Transform your raw data into actionable insights. Visualize and analyze your data to unlock user, channel, page, and campaign insight and communicate complex information clearly using this GA4 template.

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Data sources:Google Analytics 4
Use cases:
Web analytics

How to use the template

To get started, make sure that you've got access to Google Analytics 4 and that you're logged in to Looker Studio.

  1. Click on ‘Get the template’.
  2. Authenticate your account by clicking on ‘Authorize’.
  3. Choose an account. The account and the blue check mark next to ‘Use report template for new reports’ must be selected. Other parameters are optional.
  4. Once you’re happy, click on ‘Connect’ in the top-right.
  5. The next page will display all available dimensions and metrics.
  6. Click 'Create report'. After this, the template will fetch all your data in the report, ready for you to derive insights!
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Questions you can answer with this report

User analysis

  • What is the total number of active users on my website?
  • What is the ratio between new vs. returning users on my website?
  • What is the trend of new users over the past month?
  • What is the average session length and engagement rate?

Channel performance

  • How many sessions did we have this year compared to last year?
  • What are the top 5 countries driving the highest number of sessions?
  • Which channel groups bring more traffic to the website?
  • How many sessions are coming from organic search?
  • Which are the top-performing channels?
  • How does organic search traffic compare to paid advertising regarding user engagement?
  • Which social media platform generates the most user engagement?
  • What is the conversion rate for different traffic sources?
  • What is the cost per acquisition for different marketing channels?
  • Which channel is driving the most form fills?

Campaign performance

  • Which marketing campaign has the highest return on investment (ROI)?
  • How do different campaign strategies impact user engagement and conversions?
  • How does the conversion rate vary across different campaign channels?
  • Which channels have the highest return on ad spend (ROAS)?
  • How does user engagement vary across different affiliate marketing partners?

Device performance

  • Which devices are used to access my website?
  • How does user engagement differ between desktop and mobile users?

Page performance

  • What is the average time spent on different content pages?
  • Which campaigns generate the highest engagement and conversions?
  • What are the top session sources for our campaigns?
  • What is the average session length for specific pages?

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