Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Report Template for Looker Studio (Formerly Data Studio)

Transform your raw data into actionable insights. Visualize and analyze your data to unlock user, channel, page, and campaign insight and communicate complex information clearly using this GA4 template.

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Here's what you can do with this Looker Studio template

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Understand your GA4 data at a glance

Get an overview of your website performance at a glance by visualizing the data with intuitive charts. Understand patterns, optimize strategy with the latest trends, and analyze the outliers in depth.

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Deep dive into channel performance

Identify and compare the best-performing channels by analyzing session sources, tracking user engagement, measuring conversion rates, and optimizing your marketing strategy to maximize ROI.

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Analyze performance of your website content

Identify the top-performing campaign landing pages on your website by digging deep into user behavior, popularity, device preferences, and conversion paths.Then tailor your campaigns and pages to drive higher conversion.

Unlock the true potential of your website with our GA4 reporting template

With this comprehensive template and Looker Studio's visualization capabilities, you can easily convey your story to anyone without getting lost in data. Analyze user behavior, optimize marketing channels, evaluate content performance, and measure campaign success. Use predefined filters to slice your data, gaining valuable insights by segments.

That's not all! Our GA4 template is just the beginning. With Supermetrics, you can bring in data from over 100 marketing and sales sources to create a complete view of your marketing efforts.

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