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Stay on top of your Google My Business (also known as Google Business Profile) listing's visibility, engagement, and reputation. Easily switch between your locations and compare key metrics like searches, views, actions, and customer reviews. See the instructions below and start using the template!

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Data sources:Google My Business
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How to use the template

To get started, make sure that you've got access to Google My Business and that you're logged in to Looker Studio.

  1. Click ‘Get the template’.
  2. Authenticate your account by clicking on ‘Authorize’.
  3. Choose a location. The location and the blue check mark next to ‘Use report template for new reports’ must be selected. Other parameters are optional.
  4. Once you're happy, click ‘Connect’ in the top-right.
  5. The next page will display all available dimensions and metrics.
  6. Click 'Create report'. After this, the template will fetch all your data in the report, ready for you to derive insights!
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Questions you can answer with this template

Local search visibility

  • How many times was your location searched on Google Search?
  • How many times was your location viewed on Google Maps?

Engagement and actions

  • How many times was the website clicked?
  • How many times was the phone number clicked?
  • How many times were the directions requested?
  • How many times have your posts been viewed?
  • How many times have the photos associated with your business been viewed?
  • Which media format (photos, videos) received the most views in your posts?
  • Which topics in your posts generated the most views?
  • What type of user actions (e.g., website clicks, calls) are resulting from your posts?

Customer reviews

  • How many reviews has your business received on Google?
  • What is the average rating users have given to your business?
  • What are the specific comments and feedback associated with each review?

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