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Connecting and engaging with your potential customers at scale is what makes social media marketing so powerful. Think about it—you can reach a large number of people within seconds of posting your content. Social media is one of the most valuable channels for deliberately elevating your brand in the eyes of your audience and maintaining ...

Dec 19, 2022 | 12 minute read

It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means: it’s time to make sure your social media reporting is up to date. Keep reading to learn the steps you need to make sure your social media reporting is comprehensive, accurate, and gives you the insights you need. By the end, you’ll be ...

Dec 14, 2022 | 10 minute read

How brands benefit from real-time social media marketing: examples and tips

The term real-time is often used in marketing to describe having marketing strategies that are updated in real-time or ‘near’ real-time, where a business can adjust their marketing efforts as events unfold. While this may seem like a nice goal, it can be difficult to achieve consistently without having the right tools and team in ...

Aug 18, 2022 | 14 minute read

Social media marketing funnel: how to effectively reach and convert customers at any stage

Whether you work in a B2C, B2B or D2C, your business and sales depend on connecting with individuals and winning them over. Social media is all about connection—with each other and with brands. That’s why there’s a huge amount of—often untapped—potential in harnessing the power of different social media platforms in getting your message across ...

Jul 26, 2022 | 23 minute read

Influencer marketing metrics

Influencer marketing has been characterized as the fastest-growing form of advertising. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the estimated market size for influencer marketing has grown from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion in 2020. If you’re doing or considering adding influencer marketing to your marketing plan, you must track your metrics to confirm it’s ...

Nov 17, 2021 | 5 minute read

grow your YouTube channel

Let’s face it: most B2B brands have the worst YouTube channels.  If you’re unlucky enough to stumble into this wasteland, you’ll probably find 40-minute product demos, uninspired customer case studies, and boring updates for new product features. In other words: a total snoozefest. YouTube is and will always be an entertaining educational platform. People go ...

Oct 19, 2021 | 14 minute read

instagram hashtag analytics

Hashtags are great for engaging with your followers and driving traffic to your Instagram content. But, what happens when you don’t get your hashtags right? Not using enough hashtags? You’re missing out on the chance to grow your account. Using the wrong hashtags? You’re reaching the wrong audience. Too many hashtags? Where’s your hashtag etiquette? ...

May 21, 2021 | 7 minute read

Import facebook data to google sheets

If you’re running paid ads, in-app ads, or organic campaigns on Facebook, you probably need to export your data to Google Sheets for a more in-depth analysis. You can, of course, go with the old-fashioned CSV copy and pasting data to a spreadsheet. However, the process is time-consuming and error-prone. The worst part is you ...

May 14, 2021 | 8 minute read

LinkedIn analytics

LinkedIn is the biggest B2B social media platform with: 722+ million users, 55+ million active companies, and 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing. It’s fair to say that if your B2B company is not using LinkedIn, you’re missing out on the chance to reach your target audience and grow your ...

Apr 23, 2021 | 15 minute read

How to perform competitor analysis on Instagram

TL;DR If you’d like to kick start your Instagram competitor analysis right away, feel free to swipe our Instagram industry insights template. For more tips on analyzing your competition, keep reading. Have you ever looked at your competitors’ Instagram account and wondered how they get all that engagement? What’s their secret? ? There’s only one ...

Mar 11, 2021 | 8 minute read

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