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An enormous ad budget solves a lot of problems. Which advertising channel should you try? Try them all and see what sticks. Which types of ad copy should you run? A/B test until your audience tells you the answer.  But with a limited budget, you’ll have a limited sample size. You have to solve those ...

15-MINUTE READ | By Kaleigh Moore

facebook ads data studio tutorial

TL;DR: If you’re already familiar with Google Data Studio, feel free to copy our Facebook Ads dashboard template. For a more detailed walkthrough of building a Data Studio report from scratch, keep reading. Google Data Studio is a great free tool that helps marketers build and share their dashboards. Out of the box, however, it only ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

ad spend tracking

If you’re running campaigns across multiple ad platforms and/or for multiple ad accounts, you’ve probably noticed that keeping track of your total ad spend is borderline impossible. Besides, the daily spend caps of many popular advertising channels, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, are notoriously unreliable. They can easily exceed your budget ...

5-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen

LinkedIn ad spend tracking and performance reporting

LinkedIn provides great targeting options and lead quality, but at a higher cost-per-click than other platforms. To get the best results at an optimal cost, you’ll want to have a good budget tracking solution in place. We joined forces with AJ Wilcox from B2Linked, a specialized LinkedIn Ads agency, to create two templates that will ...

9-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

Taboola connector for Excel, Google Sheets, data warehouse and Google Data Studio

Our new connector will help you make the most of your native ad campaigns. Taboola is one of the biggest discovery platforms, counting 1.4 billion unique monthly visitors. With Supermetrics, marketers can now export data from Taboola to spreadsheets, Google Data Studio, BI tools, and data warehouses to build automated reports. What can you do ...

3-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

Outbrain connector

Quickly create advanced, automated dashboards with metrics from Outbrain.  With 290 billion monthly discoveries Outbrain is one of the market leaders in native advertising. It’s no surprise that many of our customers have been requesting to report the results of their Outbrain campaigns with Supermetrics. With the newest addition to our integration family, you can ...

8-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

Google Analytics helps you keep track of the success of your paid search campaigns. You can monitor and analyze the types of traffic that you’re receiving – increased website activity or conversions – and determine what you need to do to be more effective. But this data will mean nothing if you can’t easily share ...

By Supermetrics

google data studio example reports and dashboards

10-MINUTE READ · By Pinja Virtanen At Supermetrics, we’re big on making marketing reporting as painless as possible. That’s why we love using ready-made templates as a starting point for building any and all of our reports. In this post, we’ll walk you through 31 of our favorite PPC reporting templates that you can swipe ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen




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