Today, the average business department relies on around 40 to 60 different SaaS apps just to get by; for the whole business, that number can be as much as 250. That’s a lot of data. Niche software platforms and tools can save marketing and sales teams time, energy, and effort in working with this mountain ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Aleksander Cardwell

How to customize paid digital marketing reporting dashboard

When we talk about HubSpot reporting dashboards, you’re likely to think about your dashboards within HubSpot itself. These can provide you with valuable insights into your marketing and sales performance by grouping together and displaying key metrics from up to ten different reports. But besides HubSpot’s native functionality, you can also create custom dashboards by ...

7-MINUTE READ | By Edward Ford

Many marketers use both HubSpot and Google Analytics (GA) but aren’t sure which platform is best when it comes to web analytics. You want to know how all aspects of your website are performing, where visitors are coming from, how they interact with your site, and where they’re converting. And you need to create reports ...

7-MINUTE READ | By Edward Ford

7-MINUTE READ · By Edward Ford As a way to enhance HubSpot’s in-built reporting capabilities, HubSpot apps or integrations are specialized types of software that allow you to extract and display your marketing data in graphs, charts, and other visualizations. In this article we’ll outline why you should be using additional tools to improve your HubSpot ...

By Supermetrics

You create a ton of data at every step of your campaign – from publishing blogs, creating and deploying campaigns, capturing leads, converting contacts, retargeting them, and much more. To make sense of this data, first of all, it’s crucial to track your performance.  This article will look at how you can use all the ...

15-MINUTE READ | By Isha Shinde


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