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How to query cloud storage data in BigQuery

How to query data in cloud storage from BigQuery

It seems like data lakes are all the rage these days. Why is that? And more importantly, if you work with marketing data, why should you care? And if you do care, but don’t know how to query data in your cloud storage bucket from BigQuery, how would you go about doing that? In this ...

9-MINUTE READ | By Evan Kaeding

Supermetrics for Azure Synapse

Earlier this year, we introduced Supermetrics for Azure Storage, a fully managed data pipeline that allows you to move your marketing and sales data into Microsoft’s data lake solution with a few clicks. Ever since then, many of our customers have been asking if they could move data directly into Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft’s newly ...

5-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

marketing data warehousing

You know how your marketing data lives across dozens of different platforms, including — but definitely not limited to — Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, and/or Salesforce? A cloud-based marketing data warehouse (like Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or Azure Synapse Analytics) allows you to centralize all that data into a single destination that’s built ...

24-MINUTE READ | By Riku Mikkonen

Snowflake connector banner

As the volume of marketing data grows, more and more businesses are moving their data to a data warehouse. Snowflake is a great choice for many as it can be built on top of any existing cloud platform, whether it’s Google, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. That’s why we built a Snowflake connector for ...

4-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

redshift vs. snowflake vs. bigquery

Because of the increasingly fragmented marketing data landscape, data-driven marketers now need specialized tools to reduce the time it takes for data to be processed into information. While marketing data warehouses are not a new concept, the legacy model to implement them has serious drawbacks. Customers need to first purchase large capacity hardware, install and ...

8-MINUTE READ | By Dino Mahi

In the marketing context, the words ‘database’ and ‘data warehouse’ are often used interchangeably. However, as you’ll soon learn, the two concepts have a few fundamental differences. But before we jump in, let’s quickly define both terms. What is a marketing data warehouse? A marketing data warehouse is a cloud-based solution for storing and analyzing ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen

10-MINUTE-READ · By Jessi Carr & Eddie Zaldivar (Inseev Interactive) Inseev Interactive is a San Diego-based performance digital marketing agency founded in 2013. Although they were launched with a primary focus on SEO services, they quickly expanded into a variety of other services, including paid media management, CRO consulting, and affiliate management. Inseev has always been ...

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