Update: this tool is no longer being developed. For another tool that can do everything this tool can and much more, see GA Data Grabber: GA Data Grabber

I bumped into this post on the SEOmoz blog, and decided it might be a good time to make a new post about a tool we released back in January, but which most people probably don’t know about – it’s designed for conducting exactly the kind of analyses as described in the SEOmoz article.
If you want to see how to popularity of the different content you have on your site has changes over time, your only option is to look at charts like this, which show the pageviews for one URL (or folder containing several URLs) at a time:

These charts are good for checking the popularity of a certain content item, but not very handy if you want to get an overall picture of how things are changing. For this type of analysis, the SEOmoz article advises a manual process of downloading Excel files from GA, combining these and creating charts. Another option is to use my MT Google Analytics Visualizer tool, which works in Excel and does everything for you: it automatically downloads the data through the Analytics API, does the calculations and creates the charts  – all this in a few seconds. You can then see the changes in popularity of your content with charts like this (click to enlarge):

You can select between four different detail levels for the content: plotting by the full URL, or grouping the URL’s into folders of various levels. For example, for the URL “/2010/04/google-analytics-data-to-google-docs.html” the first folder level would be “/2010/”, the second would be “/2010/04/”, and the third would in this case be the same as the full URL, as there are no more sub-folder levels.

Plotted by folder level one, the chart above looks like this:

And the best thing is, you can plot all kinds of stuff, not just content – here’s a chart with traffic source:

There are lots of other possibilities too: some are shown in the original article regarding the tool.
The tool is very affordable at just 59 US dollars, and there’s a free demo version too – click this link to download the demo or purchase the full version.

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