This week marks a major milestone for our company: we are retiring our old AutomateAnalytics, GA Data Grabber and GA Data Uploader brands to become Supermetrics. We’re doing this because we want to bring our various tools closer together and to make it clearer what we are offering. After reviewing hundreds of names, we decided on Supermetrics, a name we think is memorable, perfectly describes our superb products, and is a bit fun without being silly. We hope you like the new name and visual style!

We are renaming our tools as follows:

  • GA Data Grabber -> Supermetrics Data Grabber: Easy-to-use report automation tool for Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, YouTube & Facebook
  • GA Data Uploader -> Supermetrics Uploader: Simple tool to upload ad cost data into Google Analytics
  • AutomateAnalytics Functions -> Supermetrics Functions: Most flexible solution for intergrating Google Analytics & other APIs with Excel & Google Sheets, targeted to advanced spreadsheet users

We’re continuing the AutomateAnalytics blog as Supermetrics Blog.

Connected to the name change, we have also completely redone the look of Supermetrics Data Grabber, to make it both nicer to look at and easier to use. The latest version also includes all the AdSense metrics Google recently made available via the Google Analytics API, so you can now run reports detailing the ad revenue for each page on your sites. If you haven’t already, give it a try now!


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