There’s now a new, powerful Super Pro version available for our Google Drive add-on. The new version is targeted to digital marketing agencies and other companies with a major focus on online marketing. While most features will continue to require just the old Pro version, some new features will be only available for Super Pro users. At launch, these include:

  1. New connectors for DoubleClick for Advertisers/DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Search. These new connectors allow both advertisers and publishers to easily fetch their display advertising data into Google Sheets for analysis.
  2. Hourly triggers: Super Pro users will be able to set their Supermetrics queries to automatically refresh each hour, so they always have the newest data available. However, note that Google restricts the processing power of triggers, so we recommend this option only be used with the most important queries, where daily refreshing is not frequent enough.

In the near future, we plan to also add connectors for Adobe SiteCatalyst and DoubleClick Bid Manager to the Super Pro version.

Super Pro is available for purchase here. Current Pro users can upgrade to Super Pro via the Supermetrics account management page (this is linked in the email we sent on purchasing Pro, or can be accessed via Google Sheets menu bar: Add-ons: Supermetrics: Purchasing: Account management).

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