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PPC Strategies for B2B Lead Generation

B2B MARKETING STRATEGIES · 9-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on November 28 2017. B2B and B2C have different ways of doing business, which is why the approach to PPC is also different. As consumers, we may research a product or service before purchasing and often do not...

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Choosing the Best Marketing Reporting Tool

Choosing the Best Marketing Reporting Tool

9-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux (Image credit: Adam Harris) These days, marketers are being put under increasing pressure to “prove” that marketing dollars are being put to effective use. No more are the days of simply throwing up an ad on television or a post on a...

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7 Easy Tips for Getting Ranked High on Google

GOOGLE RANK · 7-MINUTE READ · By Chris Hickman on June 12 2017. Every business wants to get a high ranking on Google. High rankings mean high visibility. High visibility means clicks, conversions, and sales. The vast majority of clicks only go to sites that are on the...

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New AdWords Features Every Marketer Should Know

6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi Responsive Display Ads and Price Extensions are two new AdWords features that can result in more dynamic ads.  Visually appealing ads along with more room for your messaging will result in a better ROI.  If you are unfamiliar with the...

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