Eliminate time-consuming manual work in data processing and visualization – GA Data Grabber automates all this and helps you keep up with the latest developments for a large number of Google Analytics profiles or AdWords accounts. Works within MS Excel, making it easy do additional analysis and charting.

GA Data Grabber is designed especially for people managing many Analytics profiles or AdWords campaigns, as the regular Google Analytics and AdWords interfaces are not well suited for analysis of several accounts or campaigns.

For up-to-date information and to get the free trial, visit the GA Data Grabber site

Benefits of the tool include:

  • The latest developments for a large number of sites can be checked quickly
  • Regular KPI reporting can be automated, eliminating routine work
  • Makes in-depth analysis more productive: time can be put into analysis and decision-making rather than into manually fetching reports and creating charts
  • Everything happens in Excel, so it’s easy to customize the charts, do additional calculations and combine with data from other sources. As the data is in an Excel table, it can also be easily fed to another analysis tool for additional analysis.


  • Fetches and combines data from any number of GA profiles or AdWords accounts
  • Fetches any metrics that are available through the GA/AdWords APIs (including calculated metrics like bounce rates or average ad positions)
  • Results can be split by dimensions, such as traffic source or search keyword
  • Automatically generates charts & other visualizations from the data
  • Automatically generates PowerPoint presentations of the results
  • Results can be filtered by GA’s ‘advanced segments’
  • Automatically calculates how the figures have changed compared to the previous week or month, or to the same date range a year earlier
  • Works in Windows Excel 2003 and later versions

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To download a demo version of GA Data Grabber and to purchase the full version, visit the GA Data Grabber site.

GA Data Grabber can be customized if there’s some feature that you would like to have that’s not currently available. In this case, please contact us by email (info@supermetrics.com).

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