When using the Google Analytics API to fetch data for sites with high traffic volume, Google often returns sampled results. These usually differ from the figures displayed in the Google Analytics web interface by a few percent. Data sampling is especially likely to occur when fetching data over a long date range, splitting by several dimensions, or using advanced segments to filter the results.

The benefit of Google’s data sampling is that you usually get the results really fast, and with high enough accuracy. But in some cases, you may prefer to let the query run longer to get the exact figures. Due to the feedback we’ve received from GA Data Grabber users, we have added some new functionality to the tool to accomplish this: GA Data Grabber can now avoid Google’s data sampling in most cases (sampling may still occur when fetching large result sets). To use the new feature, just check the “Try to avoid Google’s data sampling” option on the Analytics tab (the setting is off by default, as in most cases it makes sense to let Google sample the data). Note that when using this option, depending on the report configuration, it may take several minutes to get the results.

This new feature is available in GA Data Grabber version 1.68, which can be downloaded here

In this update we’ve also added:

  • Two new content expirements dimensions to the Analytics Module Split by dropdown menus 
  • The ability to fetch unique visitors (and other unique count metrics) split by Monday to Sunday week
  • Optimizations that make data fetching even faster

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