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Announcing Supermetrics for BigQuery: get a marketing data warehouse up and running in minutes

12-MINUTE READ · By Zhao Hanbo Today we’re very pleased to announce Supermetrics for BigQuery, the first ever native BigQuery Data Transfer Service app for non-Google marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Bing. After Google’s announcement at the Cloud Next conference, Supermetrics for BigQuery is now available. It’s by far the simplest ...

By Supermetrics

Introducing shared connections in the Supermetrics add-in for Excel

9-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics Today we are thrilled to announce our new product – Supermetrics for Excel. Following the success of our famous Google Sheets add-on, with 300 000+ users to date, we have developed a tool which helps marketers create insightful reports in Excel spreadsheets. With Supermetrics, marketing reporting in Excel has never ...

By Supermetrics

Instagram, the social network that has taken the internet by storm, has recently surpassed the 1 billion user mark. This platform offers numerous opportunities not only for individual users but for businesses as well. To take advantage of these opportunities it is essential that you leverage your business profile’s Instagram Insights. Today we are thrilled ...

10-MINUTE READ | By Supermetrics

10-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics Up until now, a big challenge for Google My Business users with multiple listings has been reporting, analyzing, and comparing the performance across multiple locations. If you have a few dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of locations in your GMB account, you may want to get a bird’s-eye view ...

By Supermetrics

15-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics. We’re excited to release a powerful duo: the Yandex.Metrica and Yandex.Direct connectors. With these two new integrations you can take full control of analyzing and reporting marketing data from Yandex – the biggest local search engine in Russia. Below I will discuss what metrics you can report from Yandex.Metrica and ...

By Supermetrics

15-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics By allowing website owners to easily earn revenue from ad placements on their sites, Google AdSense has significantly simplified the unrewarding task of selling that ad space. At Supermetrics we understand that in order to make smart, data-based decisions, publishers need to track and analyze AdSense data wisely — a ...

By Supermetrics

5-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on May 30 2017. We have made some great additions to the Supermetrics Add-on’s database connector: You can now pull data from PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift databases, and we have fixed the problems with connecting to SQL Server. PostgreSQL database can be either on-premises or in the cloud. When choosing ...

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