Jan 7, 2019

Releasing the Quora Ads connector

By Supermetrics

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[ Updated Jan 7, 2019 ]

7-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics

We are very excited to announce that Supermetrics and Quora have joined forces to launch a Quora Ads connector! With this new integration, you can easily pull your Quora Ads data into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel and various BI tools to report, analyze and monitor your campaigns. Plus, you can compare your Quora campaigns to those on other ad networks without having to toggle between the platforms.

This article will tell you more about Quora and its advertising platform, show all the superpowers of the Supermetrics Quora Ads connector and feature a free plug-and-play Quora Ads reporting template for Google Data Studio.


“Supermetrics is unquestionably the best tool for pulling data from advertising networks such as Google, Facebook, and Quora into spreadsheets and BI tools. It offers unrivaled flexibility, robustness, and data visualization options.”


– JD Prater, Quora Ads Evangelist at Quora


Why Quora Ads?

Quora is unquestionably one of the biggest user-generated content platforms, with an impressive user base of 300 million monthly users. With this incredible audience size and solid content quality (Quora focuses on long-form, quality answers from professionals), it has become the go-to place for people to search answers to questions about particular products or services. Therefore it’s a great channel for marketers to reach customers with high buying intent or to advertise content at a point when prospects are conducting research.

Quora introduced more marketing opportunities by launching Quora Ads in 2017. It is a new, fast-growing advertising platform that is definitely worth giving a spin, especially for B2B marketers. One of its greatest features is the promoted answers shown alongside high-quality content. Even though the platform was launched rather recently, it is already well-developed with its targeting and bidding options.

Quora Ads offers multiple targeting options: from very narrow targeting on specific questions to broader targeting for particular topics or audiences. As the questions are tagged in one or more topics, you can target based on the topic of interest or identify a specific audience and target based on that. In addition, you can import a list of keywords from your Google Ads campaigns and use this list to define topics, specific questions or interest targeting.

There are several bidding options on Quora Ads including CPC, Target CPA, and CPM.

The campaign structure is quite similar to other popular ad networks such as Google Ads, having three levels: campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

You can find more details about Quora Ads platform along with useful tips and best practices from this great article by JD Prater.

Supermetrics Quora Ads connector

With the new Supermetrics Quora Ads integration, analysis and reporting of Quora Ads campaigns has never been easier. Here are some of the superpowers of this connector:

  • Superpower #1: Get any Quora Ads data you need.

Use any filters, sorting or date ranges to extract the needed data.

  • Superpower #2: Build Quora Ads dashboards in Google Sheets, Excel and Google Data Studio.

You can dive deeper into your metrics in a spreadsheet analysis or create a visually beautiful overview of your KPI’s in Google Data Studio.

  • Superpower #3: Create a Paid Channel Mix report with Quora Ads data

Easily compare the results of Quora Ads campaigns side by side with Google or Facebook Ads.

  • Superpower #4: From a general overview to detailed analysis

Monitor your Quora Ads performance on the ad, ad set, campaign or account level.

  • Superpower #5: Easy comparison of Quora Ads campaigns

Identify which Quora Ads campaigns are performing the best, easily comparing campaign performance metrics side by side.

Experience these and many other superpowers of the Quora Ads connector by giving it a spin in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or Excel.

Quora Ads dashboard for Google Data Studio

In addition to our powerful connector, we offer a free plug-and-play Data Studio template. This dashboard provides a high-level overview of your Quora Ads performance.

At the top of the template, there are eight key metrics (Impressions, Clicks, Conversions and Cost metrics among others) along with their trendlines to show the health of your account at a glance.

Below those KPIs, you can see a detailed table which shows your best-performing campaigns. But this is not all! In addition, you can connect multiple Quora Ads accounts and easily switch between them within the dashboard itself.

quora ads Data Studio dashboard
To get the template, select “Use report template for new reports” option when connecting Quora Ads integration in Google Data Studio.

In conclusion

Quora Ads is a powerful, fast-growing platform which many marketers are yet to take full advantage of. It offers great targeting and bidding options to effectively reach the relevant audience and an easy-to-understand campaign structure to get started fast.

Supermetrics Quora Ads connector helps you succeed with advertising on Quora: you can easily pull your data to Google Sheets or Excel to perform a detailed analysis, or create Quora Ads dashboards in Google Data Studio. Happy reporting!

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