Jan 15, 2019

Announcing our new product: Supermetrics for Excel

By Supermetrics

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[ Updated Mar 13, 2023 ]

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Today we are thrilled to announce our new product – Supermetrics for Excel. Following the success of our famous Google Sheets add-on, with 300 000+ users to date, we have developed a tool which helps marketers create insightful reports in Excel spreadsheets.

With Supermetrics, marketing reporting in Excel has never been easier: you can effortlessly pull data from multiple sources, build advanced dashboards, and set up automatic data refresh and emailing. From this article, you will learn what Supermetrics for Excel is, how you can create dashboards with it, and get a handy guide on how to get started.

“Supermetrics for Excel made reporting and analysis of marketing campaigns a breeze! It saves us a huge amount of time, allows us to easily get all of our marketing data in one place, and provides our clients with the transparency and insights they really appreciate”

– Duane Brown, CEO of Take Some Risk Inc., one of Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts.

Let’s start rocking marketing reporting in Excel!

Why Excel?

Excel is a perfect tool for in-depth analysis and reporting. Firstly, it can handle large data files with billions of cells while other online-based spreadsheet tools are limited to millions of cells only. Secondly, Excel offers rich formatting options so you can create simple to understand and visually appealing reports.

And thirdly, the main power of Excel comes from its amazing data-crunching features. Take advantage of a long list of advanced formulas to get insights from your data. This deep analysis will help you see what is performing well and where improvement is needed.

Turning Excel into a Swiss Army Knife for online marketing reporting

Supermetrics for Excel is extremely easy to get started with and it provides all the features you need for successful marketing reporting in spreadsheets. This product has multiple superpowers, let’s find out what those are.

Superpower #1: No more boring manual work

For example, you want to create a stunning PPC marketing report in Excel. Without Supermetrics you would have to manually copy paste the data or download tens of CSVs from each platform and pull those files together. This task is tedious, boring and unproductive, but even more importantly it is prone to human error: one small mistake and your whole report will not be correct.

Supermetrics not only helps automate the process of data collection but also ensures data accuracy to help you get excellent reports with precise numbers in a matter of minutes!

Avoid manual copy-pasting

Superpower #2: Easily combine data from multiple sources, all in one dashboard

With Supermetrics you can pull data from PPC, SEO, analytics and many other platforms together into one dashboard in just a few clicks!

For example, you can create a Post-Click Analysis report which combines data from a particular social network where your ads are run together with the metrics from Google Analytics, to see how well the visitors from your campaign converted into paid customers.

Another scenario is to create a Paid Channel Mix dashboard. This report will provide you with the campaign performance overview on different social networks.

Paid Chanel Mix report

Supermetrics for Excel is constantly developing with more data sources being added all the time, so you will be able to create even more advanced reports!

Ready to get started? Get Supermetrics for Excel here.

Superpower #3: Easily get the data you need with our intuitive UI

Supermetrics for Excel was built user-first. Through a simple and intuitive UI we wanted to take the pain out of reporting in Excel and deliver a smooth and seamless user experience.

With the help of the Supermetrics sidebar you can extract the needed data easily: select accounts, choose the required metrics, break them down by one or more dimensions, and set up filters. The whole process literally takes seconds.

After you have built your queries you can easily modify and refresh them separately or in batch in just a few clicks. No coding or VBA knowledge is required. And if you’re familiar with our Google Sheets add-on, you’ll feel right at home with our new Excel product.

Superpower #4: Automatic refresh and emailing

Experience the power of end-to-end automation with Supermetrics. After you have created your report you can easily set up queries for refresh and emailing. There are multiple scenarios you can cover with this feature:

For example, you can create a trigger so that your report is sent to your colleagues or clients every week or month.

Set up automatic triggers

Getting started

You can get Supermetrics for Excel from here in just a few clicks. Get started with either the online or the offline version: as soon as you install the add-in you can access it from both online and desktop.

Supermetrics is extremely easy to implement as a company-wide solution: as an admin, after you have installed and distributed it, everyone from your team will be able to see Supermetrics in “my add-ins” section.

Already excited to get started? Follow these steps to install Supermetrics:

  1. Go to the Microsoft AppSource to download the Supermetrics app. Click GET IT NOW to start the process.
  2. You can choose to start with either a mobile or desktop version of the add-in
  3. After the installation process is complete, you will see the Supermetrics in “My add-ins” section of Excel top bar
  4. To open the Supermetrics sidebar, click “Show Supermetrics” from the Data tab on the top

After you have installed and authorized the add-on, you are ready to get started with your first query!

  1. Select the data source you want to pull data from and authorize with your account
  2. After that, in the sidebar, you can choose the accounts you want to fetch data from and specify all the metrics, dimensions, filters and sorting
  3. Next, select in the sheet the cell the query will start at
  4. After you are happy with the selection and the special settings, click “Get data” on the top of the sidebar to start running the query.

You can find a more detailed, step-by-step guides on how to use Supermetrics for Excel from our support page.

Over to you!

We have built an actionable and quick tool which allows you to effortlessly pull your data from multiple marketing platforms into Excel in a few clicks!

The Supermetrics add-in has all the features you need to turn your Excel spreadsheet into a powerful marketing automation machine: you can easily extract the data you need with the help of an intuitive UI, create insightful dashboards in Excel and set up automatic refresh and emailing, so your reports are sent to your clients and colleagues on time.

Now it is your turn to check out Supermetrics for Excel. Let us know what you think about the new product and happy reporting! ?

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