I wrote a VBA function that creates a web chart of an Excel data range. With this, you can publish Excel data to the net instantaneously: just type the function, select the cells where the data is located, and you get the URL for the chart! The only required parameter is the data range, optionally you can also set things like the chart title.

Here’s an example file with some World Cup statistics (sadly, my own country isn’t on the list..)

And here’s a chart I published from that Excel (click to enlarge):

Note that there’s some limit on how much data you can publish with this – I don’t know what it is exactly, but hundreds of rows seems to be too much.

I use Tiny URL to shorten the URLs generated by the function – I borrowed the piece of code for shortening the URLs from here.

If you find this solution useful, please make a donation to support my work:

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