Update: this tool is no longer being developed. For another tool that can do everything this tool can and much more, see GA Data Grabber: GA Data Grabber

To illustrate the kind of stuff that’s possible with my GA-to-Excel functions, I created an Excel application which fetches data from GA and creates charts out of that.
The application can be downloaded here (latest version works also in Excel 2003, though it looks much prettier in 2007).
I think these are a good addition to GA’s built-in charts – using the built-in charts, it’s quite difficult to get a good understanding of how a site’s traffic composition changes over time, as they only display one series at a time. As an example of what my application does, see the image below, which displays the relative country-split of the traffic coming to this site, by week.

While I’m pretty sure the data produced by the application is accurate, this is just something I did very quickly, so please double-check the numbers also in GA, if you’re going to use them for something serious… Note that using the pagepath dimension with a folder level specified may be really slow, because it loops through several queries to get enough data (and if your sites has thousands of unique URLs, the data may anyhow not be fully accurate).
There also an option to apply a smoothing algorithm to the numbers, so it’s easier to spot trends. The Excel function for this LOESS algorithm was created by someone named Nick – I found it from here.

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