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Google Data Studio vs. Tableau: A Comparison Guide

Google Data Studio vs. Tableau: A Comparison Guide

Marketers need access to good and relevant data, regardless of whether you’re analyzing your latest blog post or evaluating the performance of your year’s biggest 360° integrated brand campaign. To do that, you need your data presented in an easy-to-understand and digestible format. This is why good business intelligence tools are more crucial than ever. ...

17-MINUTE READ | By Isha Shinde

In order to build an actionable and insightful report in Tableau, you need to have well-prepared and clean data. However, since businesses have data in many different places and formats, cleaning data for analysis can become a heavy process. That is until Tableau introduced Tableau Prep Builder to empower data users — including analysts and ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Bartosz Schneider

10-MINUTE-READ · By Jessi Carr & Eddie Zaldivar (Inseev Interactive) Inseev Interactive is a San Diego-based performance digital marketing agency founded in 2013. Although they were launched with a primary focus on SEO services, they quickly expanded into a variety of other services, including paid media management, CRO consulting, and affiliate management. Inseev has always been ...

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