Data Governance

Data Governance

Marketing data governance for marketing leaders: how to build trust in your data

Most marketing data problems are masquerading as data governance problems. If you don’t know which campaigns are driving results, you should revisit your tagging setup. If you’re unsure who has access to what data, you need to improve your data-sharing process. Without a good governance strategy, data becomes a liability rather than an asset. Keep ...

7-MINUTE READ | By Evan Kaeding & Joy Huynh

Data governance

Historically, data governance was something only large corporations cared about. But as most startups and SMBs today are hoping to grow their businesses with data-informed decisions, the practice of data governance is becoming more important. And that’s why in this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about data governance for small ...

9-MINUTE READ | By Evan Kaeding and Pinja Virtanen


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