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How Leadfeeder automates KPI reporting with Supermetrics

9-MINUTE READ · By Pekka Koskinen on March 7 2017. Running a SaaS startup is like flying an airplane in the dark. By looking out of the window and using your senses you get some feedback on what’s happening, but the real trustworthy information comes from your instruments. We need to be always aware of ...

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4-MINUTE READ ·  By Supermetrics on January 18 2017. Many of you have requested us to add data sources, that we don’t yet support. And there there’s a big variety in them: from SEO and A/B testing tools to companies’ own CRM systems as well as public data. While our engineers are working hard on ...

By Supermetrics

11-MINUTE READ · By Paul Koks on August 03 2016 In the last 10 years I have audited dozens, or probably even hundreds of Google Analytics accounts. Most setups are far from collecting meaningful and reliable data. This post will equip you with tools and tips to improve your setup in the next few days. ...

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