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How to rank for local SEO: 8 expert tips

How to improve local SEO for business.

6-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi If you do not optimize your website for organic searches, your website will decline in the SERPs while your competitors may move up. Organic searches will likely increase this year as people have more ways to search than ever before. We have our desktops, tablets, smartphones, and voice search ...

By Supermetrics

Over the years, there’s been a lot of debate and speculation on the subject of using SEO vs Google Ads. Generally speaking, both are great strategies for businesses, but not everyone agrees to the usage of one over the other or taking advantage of both. Businesses and marketers ask: Is SEO dead or dying? Is ...

14-MINUTE READ | By Joseph Jones

10-MINUTE READ · By Tina Arnoldi on April 17 2018 Structured data contributes to SEO by making search results look more appealing. But what is it really, and how can you use it to the advantage of your business? What is structured data? Google defines structured data as “a standardized format for providing information about ...

By Supermetrics

GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE · 10-MINUTE READ · By Misty Faucheux on February 6 2018. For years, Google has been striving to be the most-used platform for search analytics. Their free tools are used in one form or another by nearly every marketer in the industry. To help you make the most of Google Search Console, ...

By Supermetrics

KEYWORD RANK TRACKING REPORTS · 13-MINUTE READ · By Ryan Purkey on October 17 2017. Recording historical, accurate, landing-page-targeted keyword rankings is critical to building up organic traffic to a site. For sites tracking keywords in hundreds, this guide will detail how you can measure and improve these rankings. Data in these reports will come ...

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