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Data ownership for marketers: How to get deeper insights from your marketing data

“If I have one dollar to spend on advertising, where should I spend it, and how much will I get in return?” There’s so much pressure on marketing leadership to prove the ROI of marketing and figure out the best channels to spend the marketing budget. Here’s a hint—taking full ownership of your marketing data ...

15-MINUTE READ | By Joy Huynh and Laura Hämmäinen

Most marketers agree that non-cookie measurement methods will have a big impact on advertising. But, implementing these methods requires a certain level of analytics capability and access to the right data. You might find yourself asking: Keep reading to learn more about the analytics maturity model, how to figure out which step you’re at, and ...

12-MINUTE READ | By Pieter van Groenendael

Any effective digital marketing strategy is built around one thing—data. Anyone who has suddenly been served ads for a product after being to a specific website knows their data is being collected. This strategy is certainly not new. Marketers have collected data for a long time. Back in the ’60s, media mix modeling was already ...

14-MINUTE READ | By Lee Dor

Exporting data from Google Analytics—or Universal Analytics—to Google BigQuery: Saving your historical data

After nine years of dedicated service, Google Analytics— or Universal Analytics—will finally step down and give the crown to its successor—Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics has been around for 15 years, and for the very first time, Google gives the platform a complete makeover. This time we’re not only talking about a brand new UI, ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Joy Huynh

Our mission at Supermetrics is to enable you to turn your marketing data into opportunity. To do that, one of the first things you need to do is have that data where you need it when you need it. To help bridge that gap, the Supermetrics data pipeline offers a range of integrations that enable ...

4-MINUTE READ | By Aleksander Cardwell

marketing data lake

If you’ve ever dealt with marketing data, you’d probably agree that siloed data is the number one enemy of effective reporting and analytics. And while cloud-based data warehouses like BigQuery and Snowflake are great solutions for integrating, storing, and analyzing large volumes of cross-channel data, many analytically mature companies have recently started adding a new ...

6-MINUTE READ | By Evan Kaeding and Pinja Virtanen


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