Automate Snoobi reporting in Excel

Today we’re happy to announce a new product, Snoobi for Excel. It’s an analysis tool working in MS Excel that automatically fetches and visualizes your Snoobi data. Snoobi for Excel creates in a matter of seconds reports that would take hours to set up manually. With this tool, you can put your time into interpreting the numbers rather than waste it on manual copy-paste work. It even automatically puts together PowerPoint presentations of your reports. To read more and to download a free trial, visit
For those who’ve never heard of Snoobi, it’s a popular web analytics tool in many parts of Europe. (Note that Snoobi is a whole separate web analytics tool and not connected to Google Analytics. For GA users, we recommend GA Data Grabber.)

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  1. altblog

    Hi! I downloaded trial version. How I can start use? When I click on «Start» it need insert login/password. Where I can get it?


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