Dec 15, 2023

Supermetrics Wrapped 2023: A year in review and what to expect in 2024

20-MINUTE READ | By Tea Korpi & Kristina Knut & Joy Huynh

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[ Updated Dec 28, 2023 ]

Supermetrics turned 10 years old this year and it’s safe to say it was a pivotal year for us. We launched a new brand identity, platform, partnerships, and events and underwent some significant and exciting organizational changes. We set ambitious goals and tried to deliver excellent products and services to our customers.

As the year is coming to an end, let’s look at all the great things that happened at Supermetrics in 2023.

Fast forward:

A new brand identity

You may notice some visual changes in our product interface and website. At the start of the year, we launched a new brand identity. Supermetrics has grown significantly in the last few years at 40% YoY. As we continue to expand our business and serve more enterprise customers, we want to ensure that our brand reflects this direction.

True to Supermetrics style, we ran some brand tests and used data to identify the right approach and, ultimately, launch a new brand.

We even created a brand center where you can learn more about our brand and our visual story.


2023 was a big year for our product development. Besides releasing new connectors and adding new data destinations like Supermetrics for Power BI and, we also made the biggest update to our product by introducing a new platform—Marketing Intelligence Cloud.

From a data pipeline provider to Marketing Intelligence Cloud

10 years ago, Supermetrics started because our Founder and Co-CEO, Mikael, wanted to automate data collection from Google Analytics to Excel. Since then, we’ve been the leading company in the data pipeline and integration category.

But since marketing analytics is far more complicated than just bringing data from point A to B, we’ve developed and launched Marketing Intelligence Cloud. This platform allows the marketing and analyst teams to manage, transform, analyze, and act on data together.

Our goal is to build a platform that’s easy to use, flexible, and scales with the needs and maturity of businesses of all sizes.

New features of Marketing Intelligence Cloud

The new platform includes features like Data Blending, Custom Fields, AI-powered reporting, and multi-destination licenses, designed and developed with marketers in mind. We want to empower marketers to make better decisions with data without technical proficiency or resourcing.

Data Blending

Whether you’re an analyst looking for a more effective way to blend your data or a non-technical marketer unfamiliar with all join logic, the Data Blending feature lets you easily blend your data and bring it to your reporting tool. Many marketers especially love using this feature to overcome the data blending limitations in Looker Studio.

Depending on your use cases, you can blend as many data sources as you want. The most popular combination among marketers is paid media, for example, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields feature allows you to edit or create any metric or dimension to fit your reporting needs. You can also perform calculations or manage text format before using these fields in your reports with ease.

We first introduced custom fields in 2022 but took it further in 2023. We changed the UI to be more user-friendly and were happy to see so many users starting to use the feature. Most used custom field has been grouping and categorizing different dimensions and converting currencies. 

Multi-destination license

From on-demand reporting to a centralized data model—or at Supermetrics, we call it marketing data, fast and slow. We wanted to make the Marketing Intelligence Cloud multi-destination by design, meaning you can bring data to any destination with just one license. 

This way, the entire marketing team could do quick ad-hoc and on-demand reporting in a reporting tool they know and love, connect the sources they need, and get answers quickly. 

The Marketing Intelligence Cloud license also supports a centralized data model, which works as a foundation for more complex scenarios like marketing attribution or marketing mix modeling (MMM).

Coming in 2024

The platform evolution won’t stop here. We have multiple features for the Marketing Intelligence Cloud in our development roadmap. For example, we’re developing our MMM solution further, incorporating AI into our product, and improving Supermetrics Storage to speed up the query times.

Explore Marketing Intelligence Cloud
Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud is a platform that helps marketing and analyst teams get, manage, store, and transform marketing data easily.
Learn more

Data source connectors

In 2023, we added several highly-expected data source connectors to our connector lineup. Connectors like TikTok Organic and Matomo were hits as soon as we added them to the early access stage. Here are some connectors that are most used by our marketers this year:

  1. Facebook Ads

Within the Meta advertising platform, Facebook is still the most popular channel. We’ve seen over 420 million queries run with the Facebook Ads connector

  1. Google Ads 

Many marketers have paid search in their paid media mix. That’s why the Google Ads connector came in second as the most popular data source, with over 310 million queries run in 2023 

  1. Google Analytics (or Universal Analytics)

Since Universal Analytics was replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4) this year, many marketers have built a repository of historical data and reports. As a result, we’ve seen over 175 million queries run with the UA connector.

  1. Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The next generation of Google Analytics made it to the top 5 list with over 80 million queries run with the GA4 connector. Marketers are getting familiar with GA4. Since the reporting interface of GA4 is quite limited, with only a few predefined reports, many marketers prefer to pull GA4 data into their own reporting tools, where they have more freedom to build the exact reports they need.

  1. Microsoft Advertising 

In fifth place is the Microsoft Advertising connector, with over 55 million queries run in 2023.

The most popular data source connectors by queries run. The order is as the following Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Microsoft Advertising

The most popular early access connectors in 2023

We’re still in the midst of polishing our 2024 plans, but confirmed ones are Amazon Seller Central, Lazada, and Marketo. Take a look at the others from our roadmap that are on our radar. Any connectors you want to see? Head over to the Supermetrics product roadmap and let us know.

Supermetrics is considering creating connectors for Kwai, Lazada, LinkedIn Jobs, Magento, and many more data sources.

Data destinations

In 2023, we introduced two exciting additions to our suite of tools catering to data analysts and marketers—Supermetrics for Power BI and Supermetrics for These solutions have many reporting templates to help you streamline the reporting process across multiple data sources.

But that’s not all. We’ve also elevated our flagship data warehouse destination—Supermetrics for BigQuery—to new heights with two-year backfills and significantly faster query speed.

Supermetrics for Power BI

Power BI is one of the most popular BI tools. As a result, once we introduced Supermetrics for Power BI, it quickly became one of our most sought-after destinations. 

Many marketers and analysts, particularly Windows users, use Supermetrics to automatically bring data into Power BI and build insightful reports. This new integration makes it easier to generate, store, modify, and collaborate on creating queries, which eliminates hours of manual tasks.

Instagram Public Data reporting template for Power BI by Supermetrics shows likes by date chart, likes by post type and other basic Instagram metrics.

Supermetrics for

Early in the year, we partnered with to launch a new, lightweight reporting tool for campaign tracking specifically designed for the platform. With Supermetrics for, you can efficiently monitor your performance metrics directly from your boards.

A reporting template showing paid ad data in

Improvements to Supermetrics for BigQuery

This year, we’ve elevated Supermetrics for BigQuery, our leading data warehouse solution, to new heights, delivering enhanced user benefits. When you set up and access BigQuery through, you’ll gain access to two-year backfills, a significant upgrade from the 6-month offering on Google Cloud Platform, and faster query response time at lower costs.

In Supermetrics Hub, you can manage all your data transfers.

The most popular reporting templates

Our free reporting templates can help you quickly visualize your data and find insights. You can easily add multiple templates to one report or customize them by adding your logo or brand colors. These templates are very handy, especially when you need to present campaign performance to different stakeholders.

Let’s look at the templates you’ve used in 2023.

Looker Studio reporting templates

  1. Facebook Ads 
  2. Google Analytics 4 
  3. Instagram Insights 
  4. Paid channel mix

Google Sheets reporting templates

  1. Standard LinkedIn Ads metrics template by Supermetrics & LinkedIn
  2. Detailed paid channel mix reporting
  3. Google Analytics 4 dashboard
  4. OKR template by Kemp GmpH

Power BI reporting templates

  1. Facebook Insight
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google Analytics 4
  4. Instagram Public Data

Development and engineering

The team transferred 2,5 PB of data each month. That’s a whopping 30 PB this year, and if you’re unfamiliar with this unit, that makes 31 457 280 GB of data.

Awards and partnerships

Building an excellent product that provides value to our customers has always been the core of what we do. That’s why we’re so proud to see our product valued and loved by customers and top partners. Here are some of the awards our product received and partnerships we’ve built and strengthened throughout 2023.


G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace, compiles reports showcasing the best software across different categories. This year, we came in:

  • #2 for ELT automation for Mid-Market globally
  • #6 for API & Integrations for digital analytics in Mid-Market & Enterprise globally
  • #8 for ecommerce digital analytics for Mid-Market & Enterprise globally
Supermetrics was ranked #10 on the Best EMEA Software Companies list in 2023.

Top Growing Marketing App by Hubspot

We advanced our relationship with HubSpot through different collaborations. We were featured in HubSpot’s list of Generative AI tools in APAC. We even won a Top Growing App award at Inbound 2023.

Recommended by Google Workspace

For the second year in a row, we were featured as Google Workspace App Recommended for 2023.


We continued to develop new analytics solutions with ad industry leader, LinkedIn, in marketing mix modeling, conversion tracking, and benchmarking. We also collaborated on many events with LinkedIn, for example, having our JAPAC Head of Sales join a LinkedIn event in Singapore as a panelist.

From online to offline events

This year, besides webinars, we had lots of fun organizing offline events and meetups—nothing beats the good old face-to-face interaction. The highlight of the year must be our first global event—SuperSummit.

More than 20,000 attendees participated in both our online and offline events. We covered a wide range of topics from high-level, thought-leader topics, such as marketing data governance for marketers, to more practical and hands-on topics, such as top 10 Looker Studio tips.

The most popular webinars

We continued to double down on webinars. Here are the most popular marketing analytics and measurement topics we covered in 2023.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to improve your marketing data expertise, make sure to check out our webinar recordings.


SuperSummit is a recurring online event that brings together experts from top brands to discuss the future of marketing data.

This year, SuperSummit attracted 8000 attendees and 12 speakers from leading brands such as Google, LinkedIn, Meta, Uber, etc.,. We discussed measurement and privacy, big data, and generative AI. Here are our top key takeaways from SuperSummit:

  • Marketers should use data as headlights to guide decision-making
  • Marketing mix modeling has become more popular as we transition into a privacy-first world
  • Marketers need to be comfortable with using data to make decisions
  • To maximize your organization’s data potential, you need to pair the right people with the right tools
  • Companies need to start investing in a first-party data strategy
  • You’re not competing with AI. You’re competing with marketers using AI

You can now watch all SuperSummit sessions at your convenience.

Offline events

One of the best things about this year is that we organized and participated in different in-person events and conferences. We got to meet many customers and had a ton of great conversations.


We held our first in-person customer event at the Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks game in November, and it was a slam dunk.


Our EMEA team has participated in many live events this year! We love meeting our customers (both current and future!) face-to-face and connecting with all the best experts from all over the world who may be looking to make sense of their marketing data. You might have seen us at these events:


We also held our first-ever offline customer event in Sydney, Australia. We had a good discussion about the future of marketing and what marketing data trends to anticipate in 2024. For that, we brought in a panel of marketing experts from OFX, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and Resolution Digital.

Customer spotlight

We love seeing different ways marketers use Supermetrics to succeed. This year, we published several customer case studies and here are the most popular ones:

  • Radio-Canada gains insights into their audience’s interests and maximizes budgets using Supermetrics, Excel, and Looker Studio
  • dentsu Finland helps their customers rethink their long-term data collection strategy while transitioning to GA4
  • Le Figaro moves from unstructured data to data-based decisions with 100+ hours saved every month


Here’s our pick for the top 5 best articles from 2023:


Originally, we launched The Marketing Analytics Show to provide marketing practitioners with tactical tips on optimizing their marketing campaigns. But marketing has always been more complex than that. Focusing on short-term tactics will only get you so far.

That’s why we relaunched our podcast as The Marketing Intelligence Show with a focus on helping you build a solid marketing data foundation. And ultimately, bridging the gap between data and marketing teams.

This year, you’ve streamed these episodes more than others:

Spotify Wrapped 2023 for Marketing Intelligence Show: 387 min content, 38% follower growth, Top Country: USA.

GA4 Knowledge Center

One of the biggest changes in digital marketing and analytics was the shift from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). That’s why we launched the GA4 Knowledge Center to help you answer various questions about the UA to GA4 migration and empower you to use GA4 in the best way possible.

We gathered 10 tutorial videos, templates, support articles, and blog posts all in one place. You’ll find examples and best practices from brands like dentsu Finland, marketing agency Katté & Co., or Kemb GmbH on how they use GA4 and Supermetrics.

And it looks like you’ve really liked the Knowledge Center based on the 64,000+ sessions we got this year! Your top 5 favorite GA4 resources have been:

We’ll keep adding more to the Knowledge Center based on feedback from our customers and internal experts. The most recent video explores how you can do year-on-year comparisons with UA and GA4 data.

We recommend you save your Universal Analytics data before July 2024, when all UA data will be deleted.

Social and community

2023 has been a busy year on our socials: 969 posts published across LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, X, Facebook, and Pinterest. Thousands of questions on whether to keep calling “The platform formerly know as Twitter” Twitter, or X. More than 11,000 new followers. An unmeasurable amount of coffee to make it all happen.  

Here are some of the most beloved posts from this past year and how they’ve captured the zeitgeist of marketing in 2023: 

The year started off with a reality check: the clock was ticking for Universal Analytics!

And while most marketers had the pressing urgency to switch over to GA4, the eventual death of the third party cookie was also something that kept marketers on the edges of their seats:

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom! This summer was all about the color pink (and marketers envying Barbie’s marketing budget). We joined in on the fun:

More recently, we felt your Black Friday pain. Remember to always automate your reports, though!

@supermetricshq Who's gonna tell 'em you can automate your reports? 😏 #BlackFriday #Supermetrics #DigitalMarketing ♬ original sound – Supermetrics

Did you know that our HQ office has a foam pit? Did you know that working from a foam pit can be anything but fun? Check out our @supermetricsteam account on Instagram, where we document all the fun things taking place around our offices!

@supermetricshq remember to book extra 10 min in your calendar just to climb out of there #foampit #supermetrics #fyp ♬ original sound – Supermetrics

Customer Advisory Board

We also launched our very first Customer Advisory Board. We’re working with a group of our customers who are heavy users of our products. We want to hear from you, our users, on how we can ensure that the new features and updates we plan for you’re working and how we can improve your experience and best serve your needs.

The Customer Advisory Board consists of 11 people working in the following companies, who all use Supermetrics:

Supermetrics' Customer Advisory Board consists of people working in adidas, Shopify and Supercell.

Customer support

Our customer support team was on fire in 2023. Even in trickier situations, our customer support agents were at the front line, helping customers keep their reports up and running. Over 90% of customers were extremely satisfied with Supermetrics support.

We started the year with support teams in Singapore, Helsinki, and Atlanta, and during the year, we started building a support team in Dublin as well. With the new Dublin office, we can narrow the gap between Finland and North America and provide even better response times for our European customers.

We also implemented a 24-hour live chat on top of our more traditional support channels.

People and growth

Our team continued to grow globally in 2023. We’re now more than 360 people in 11 countries, representing over 40 nationalities.

During the past year, we’ve continued to strengthen our Leadership team. Anssi Rusi joined us as a co-CEO to spearhead our rapid growth and take over responsibility for the commercial side of the business. We also welcomed Chief Customer Officer Chris Rauch and Chief Product Officer Matt Simmonds to the team this year.

The warmest memories of the year were made in August when we celebrated our tenth trip around the sun with the whole team.

Supermetrics’ Founder and Co-CEO, Mikael Thuneberg, has decided to take a well-deserved break

After 14 years of building the product and company, our Founder and Co-CEO, Mikael Thuneberg, has decided to step down from his current position and take a well-deserved break. 

As for the next step, Anssi Russi will become the sole CEO. Mikael shares, “This is my personal decision to take some time off after many years of building the company, now made possible with the strong leadership we have in place.”

He continues, “With Anssi and the other strong hires we’ve recently made to the leadership, and of course with the very competent team we have overall, I feel confident in now taking the next step.”

Even though Mikael won’t participate in the company’s day-to-day operations, he will remain the biggest shareholder and chairman of the board and will still be very much part of the Supermetrics team.

We appreciate Mikael and his efforts in building a great product and company culture. We hope he’ll have a great time off. In the meantime, we’ll continue to propel Supermetrics along its exciting growth trajectory.

And that’s a wrap!

It’s been a fun ride—a brand new platform and brand, many educational events, a ton of customer-focused initiatives, and new additions to the team. Thanks so much for reading and being a part of our journey in 2023. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you in 2024!

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