Aug 1, 2023

New ChatGPT feature in Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Excel

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[ Updated Aug 22, 2023 ]

Supermetrics’s brand new ChatGPT feature allows you to generate data summaries and get key insights to your Google Sheets and Excel reports without a single cross-tabulation or pivot table.

With these AI-analyzed reports, you can save hours of time on data analysis and dig deeper into stand-out insights. Ready to see how the ChatGPT feature works in action?

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What is ChatGPT for Supermetrics in Google Sheets and Excel

ChatGPT for Supermetrics in Google Sheets and Excel is a new feature that uses ChatGPT’s powerful artificial intelligence to analyze, interpret, and summarize the key results of your data query. You can also dig deeper into the insights it provides or generate entirely new ones with Custom Prompts, found in the advanced settings of your sidebar. Best of all, you don’t need to do anything to get access to the ChatGPT function: it’s already accessible in your Supermetrics sidebar, whether you’re using Supermetrics for Excel or for Google Sheets.

What can you do with ChatGPT for Supermetrics in Google Sheets and Excel?

Like any tool, ChatGPT is what you make of it. Its data analysis can be used for most data work. Here are a few interesting use cases:

Get insights to guide your work without wrangling any data

ChatGPT can give you key summaries of ad impressions and channel activity to guide your next quarter or alert you to poor performers in your content output that you need to fix. It can also give a detailed breakdown of your website traffic, social media engagement, and all your most vital metrics to use in your end-of-month reports.

Compare very specific or related fields that would be time-consuming to do by hand

ChatGPT is very good at understanding even complex instructions. Consider sales data: it would take hours to segment specific data and compare them across similar product lines or geographical locations. With ChatGPT and custom prompts, you can ask for specific comparisons and get what you’re looking for in seconds.

Get high-level or detailed data summaries to include in your data analysis

When putting together data presentations, it can take hours to translate complex figures into easy-to-understand summaries. ChatGPT will save you time by writing these interpretations for you. What’s more, Custom Prompts will allow you to hone these summaries without having to rewrite them from scratch yourself. For example, if you want to write summaries of the performance of blogs and social media posts per week in a single month, you can drill down to this information and present its key results with just a single click. 

Test a hypothesis for issues, poor performers, and outliers

ChatGPT can suggest reasons for the success or failure of a particular theme, keyword, or data point. For example, it can look at the bounce rate of your pages and suggest common causes, such as low-quality content or poor linking. This serves as an invaluable foundation to start your own expert analysis. It also gives you a starting point to discover the most likely causes for poor performance and fix them.  

Analyze your results summary with additional custom prompts

ChatGPT really shines with custom prompts. Once you’ve generated your summary, you can easily ask ChatGPT to dive deeper. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to give more information on how it reached its conclusion or ask it to compare the data to previous years’ performances.

How to use ChatGPT for Google Sheets and Excel in Supermetrics

Let’s look at how you can easily access the Supermetrics ChatGPT feature. First, you need an active Supermetrics Google Sheets or Excel license. If you don’t have one yet, start a 14-day free trial easily from our website.

After you’ve installed the Supermetrics add-on, you can find the ChatGPT feature from the sidebar under ‘Options’. Follow these steps to do your first query with Supermetrics ChatGPT.

  1. Launch Supermetrics sidebar by clicking ‘Extensions’ from the sheet’s toolbar, choose Supermetrics, and click ‘Launch’
  2. Click ‘Create a new query’ and choose the data source from which you want to pull data, such as Facebook Ads.
  3. Go to the ‘Options’ drop-down menu in the Supermetrics sidebar. Check the ‘Add results summary by ChatGPT’ checkbox.
  4. Go to the top of your spreadsheet to see your automatically generated report summary. 
You can generate powerful data insights and summaries by ticking the 'Add results summary by ChatGPT' box in the options menu of your Supermetrics sidebar.
You can generate powerful data insights and summaries by ticking the ‘Add results summary by ChatGPT’ box in the options menu of your Supermetrics sidebar.

Example video of producing a result summary in Google Sheets

How to add a custom prompt to your ChatGPT integration for Supermetrics

Didn’t get the insights you were looking for, or want ChatGPT to investigate something very specific? Get what you want with ChatGPT custom prompts in your Supermetrics sidebar’s advanced settings. 

You can give direct and specific instructions to ChatGPT by using the AI_SUMMARIZE_PROMPT_”” instruction, putting your command between the quotation marks on the end of the string, as shown below.

Create a custom prompt for your ChatGPT query in the Supermetrics sidebar under ‘Advanced settings’.
Create a custom prompt for your ChatGPT query in the Supermetrics sidebar under ‘Advanced settings’.

Type in your customized prompt into the quotes after AI_SUMMARIZE_PROMPT_ in the advanced settings box, and ChatGPT will get to work.

For example, if one were to enter: 

AI_SUMMARIZE_PROMPT_”Give me detailed insights into the views per month of blogs. I want to know what the best-performing blogs are and what they focus on”

ChatGPT would return a customized summary result that looks something like this:

An example of the kinds of insights you can get from ChatGPT’s custom prompts function in Supermetrics.
An example of the kinds of insights you can get from ChatGPT’s custom prompts function in Supermetrics.

Try it yourself!

How is data stored or processed via ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT API passes the data in your query. ChatGPT will retain the data for 30 days, and the data isn’t used in any form to train the OpenAI data models. Learn more about the ChatGPT API and data use from OpenAI.

What are the current limitations for ChatGPT in Supermetrics?

There are currently a few limitations to using Supermetric’s ChatGPT feature.

  • The results summary option currently works for queries with relatively low data volumes (hundreds rather than thousands of rows of data).
  • Each summary generated counts as one request. 
  • Customers with a Supermetrics for Google Sheets/Excel license or trial can run 15 results summary queries per month.
  • Customers with a Supermetrics Hub license can run 500 results summary queries per month.
  • ChatGPT results summaries are supported for all data source connectors except for the JSON/CSV and Database connectors.

If you reach your monthly query limit, they will receive a prompt to reach out to the Supermetrics team and request a higher limit, available in batches of 100 additional queries. 

If you’re a Supermetrics customer, give this new feature a try for free right from the Supermetrics sidebar. And if you’re not, you can start playing around with the power of ChatGPT for your data analysis by signing up for a 14-day free trial. You can also learn more about using ChatGPT in your Excel or Google Sheets work by reading this handy guide on our support page. 

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