Apr 2, 2020

15 Google Data Studio example reports and dashboards

8-MINUTE READ | By Pinja Virtanen

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[ Updated Nov 7, 2023 ]

The beauty of Google Data Studio is that you can build literally any kind of a marketing report or dashboard with it. However, if you’re suffering from blank page syndrome (you heard me: it’s not just for writers anymore ✏️) you might want to start with a ready-made template.

In this post, we share 15 Data Studio example dashboards and reports for different marketing reporting needs.

And if you’re looking for something specific, feel free to jump right into the section you’re interested in:

Data Studio dashboard templates for tracking cross-channel paid ads

Because advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads store performance data on their own siloed UIs, Data Studio is great for bringing all this data into a single view. And that’s why the first two templates are built for comparing cross-channel ad performance.

1. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, and/or Twitter Ads comparison dashboard

Paid channel mix template for google data studio

The hard truth is that your boss or client might not be as interested in the nitty-gritty of paid advertising as you are. What they usually care about is how much you’re spending and what kind of results you’re getting in exchange. When that’s the case, this paid channel mix reporting template helps you create a visual executive summary (that you should definitely enrich with a few lines of written analysis).

Get the paid channel mix template here >>

2. Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads comparison dashboard

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads comparison

When you’re running similar campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Ads to test which channel is more suitable for the campaign in question, this template is a good place to start. 

Get the Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads comparison template here >>

Paid social reporting templates for Data Studio

When you’ve found the paid channels that work well for your audience and your purposes, you’ll want to start reporting on the campaign-level performance within each channel. The next three templates will help you do just that.

3. Facebook Ads reporting template for Data Studio

Facebook Ads overview report

If a significant proportion of your ad spend is dedicated to Facebook, this simple Facebook Ads overview will help your boss or client get a quick idea of your overall performance.

Get the Facebook Ads overview template here >>

4. LinkedIn Ads reporting template for Data Studio

Linkedin ads dashboard for google data studio

If you work for one of the many B2B companies that have started seeing great results from LinkedIn Ads, it may be time to start building your own LinkedIn Ads performance reports

Similarly to the Facebook Ads reporting template above, the LinkedIn Ads overview template is a great way to quickly see which campaigns are performing the best and how your ad spend and results have progressed over time.

Get the LinkedIn Ads overview template here >>

5. Quora Ads reporting template for Data Studio

Quora ads dashboard for google data studio

If you’re experimenting with the popular question-and-answer platform Quora, you’ll probably want to bring your click, conversion, and cost data on a single dashboard. This template is perfect for doing just that.

Get the Quora Ads dashboard template >>

Psst! For more PPC reporting templates, check out this post.

Organic social media performance reporting templates

If you’re looking to better understand or report on the organic performance of your social media accounts, you might want to check out these templates.

6. Social media audit template for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube

Social media audit template for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube

To help you perform a quick and painless social media audit, our friends at JourneyEngine put together this handy template that allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your organic social activity. To read more about this template and how to use it, check out Justin’s post.

7. YouTube channel performance dashboard template for Data Studio

YouTube channel overview report

To get a full understanding of your YouTube channel’s performance, you can use this Data Studio template that allows you to track video views, average view duration, shares, and many more basic metrics at a glance.

Get the YouTube channel performance template >>

8. Instagram Insights dashboard template for Data Studio

Instagram Insights template for Data Studio

This Instagram Insights template comes pre-populated with the most important Instagram page metrics from profile impressions to followers and from top posts to content type comparison.

Get the Instagram Insights template >>

9. & 10. Facebook Insights reporting templates for Data Studio

Facebook page reporting template for Data Studio

If you’re interested in tracking the organic performance of your Facebook page, you have a couple of options: this first, detailed template allows you to compare the performance of individual posts.

Get the detailed Facebook Insights template here >>

Facebook Insights Template

If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in metrics like audience demographics (by age, gender, and location) as well as the number of new likes and unlikes, this template is for you.

Get the Facebook page overview template >>

SEO reporting templates for Data Studio

While most SEOs we know prefer to crunch their data on Google Sheets, it makes sense to create the simpler, client-facing reports in Data Studio — simply because the reports will look nicer. To that end, here are a couple of examples of good-looking SEO reports.

11. Moz domain authority template for Data Studio

Moz domain authority template for Data Studio

To see how your domain stacks up against competitors on a few key metrics, you can use this Moz domain authority template.

Get the domain authority template >>

12. Google My Business report template for Data Studio

Google my business data studio dashboard

Especially if you’re running a local business with multiple branches, this simple Google My Business overview template will help you compare your locations’ organic visibility, reviews, and more.

Get the Google My Business reporting template >>

Examples of content & email marketing templates for Data Studio

Data Studio can also be used for tracking and measuring the performance of your content and email marketing activities. The last few template example templates will help you get an idea what kinds of things you could be measuring in terms of email and content performance.

13. & 14. HubSpot reporting templates

Hubspot Data Studio dashboard template

If you’re using all of HubSpot’s features (from sales to marketing and from marketing to customer service) the number of HubSpot-related reports you could technically create is unlimited. However, rather than mistaking every single one of your metrics to a KPI, you’re better off focusing on the basics. This first template is a great example of just that. It helps you narrow down your focus, and concentrate on what matters: your contact lifecycle funnel and how that has been trending over the past 12 months. 

Get the HubSpot contact lifecycle funnel template >>

HubSpot content marketing reporting template

If, on the other hand, you use HubSpot as a blogging platform, this content marketing performance template will help you see how your blog posts are performing in terms of not only page views but also conversions.

Get the HubSpot content marketing template >>

15. Mailchimp email marketing report template for Data Studio

Mailchimp email marketing report template for Google Data Studio

Whether you use Mailchimp or not, this template can act as a source of inspiration for which email metrics to track. From open rate to unique clicks, this template acts as a single source of truth for email marketing.

Get the Mailchimp email marketing template >>

Over to you

Plug-and-play Data Studio templates and direct data transfers through Supermetrics are a great way to get more familiar with building dashboards on Data Studio. And to get your data flowing directly into a dashboard, you can start a free 14-day trial of Supermetrics.

Then, when you feel comfortable with the tool, feel free to check our our tips for creating your own reports and dashboards in Data Studio.

Happy reporting!

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