With this template, you can track:

The most important Facebook Ads metrics, including clicks, cost, and actions

Best-performing campaigns

Audience breakdown by country

Get your data to the template in minutes:

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Open the template

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Make a copy

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Select "Create new data source"

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Under "Community connectors", go to "Explore connectors" and choose "Facebook Ads by Supermetrics"

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Add the connector (please note that the template won't work with any other connector)

Why use Supermetrics for social media reporting?


Get rid of siloed social data

Easily move your social media data to your favorite reporting and analytics tool — whether that’s a spreadsheet, a BI tool, or a data warehouse.


Automate social media reporting

Save hours of manual work by scheduling data transfers and automating your social media reporting and dashboards.

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Get more in-depth insights

Use any filters, sorting, and date ranges you want to create custom reports and get more granular data.

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