We’re really lucky to have such great reporting templates from places like Google Analytics Solutions Gallery to help our own reporting and analysis of digital marketing initiatives.

This got us thinking … What if you could have the same easy and useful templates for your reports with Supermetrics as well?

So our team worked very hard in the past three months to put together a few example KPI reporting templates, to help our new users jumpstart their reporting. If you’ve already been using Supermetrics, you may get inspiration from our templates and how you can report different marketing metrics as well.

You probably already have the Supermetrics Google Drive add-on installed. So let’s cut to the chase and dive into the tutorial.


Two ways of accessing the templates

Option 1: From the add-on (recommended)


  1. Open Google Sheets and launch the add-on


  1. Go to drop-down menu Add-ons -> Supermetrics -> Template gallery


  1. Choose the template you want and click on Add template

  1. Choose the Google Analytics account and click on Insert template

  1. Enjoy your beautiful dashboard!

Option 2: Directly with a URL


I’ll use our Traffic Dashboard template, which shows Google Analytics traffic source data, as an example. Please copy the URL below



  1. Create a new Google Sheet and launch the add-on


  1. Go to drop-down menu Add-ons -> Supermetrics -> Template gallery


  1. Scroll to the bottom and find Custom template


  1. Paste the URL you’ve just copied to the text box, and click on Add template


  1. Choose the Google Analytics account and click on Insert template


  1. Enjoy your beautiful dashboard!



Other templates


Here is a list of all the templates we offer for now. We’ll be adding more in the coming months.


Year-on-Year Comparisons – Google Analytics year-on-year comparisons



Country Comparisons – Google Analytics country comparisons



US State Comparison – Google Analytics US state comparisons



Heatmap – Google Analytics data by hour & day of week



Traffic Source Bubbles – Google Analytics traffic source bubble chart



Cohort Analysis – Google Analytics retention & cohort sales analysis



Social Media Tracking



Pro tips


If our report templates don’t exactly fit your needs, there are two options you can manipulate the reports.

Option 1: Edit the data for a chart


  1. Unhide the hidden columns where the data is

  1. Go to the data table you want to edit and click on the Modify button on the right

  2. Say instead of the trend of users you want to see the trend of new users. Simply go to the Select metrics section, delete Users and select New users, and then click the blue Apply changes button on the top



Option 2: SupermetricsQueries sheet


A more geeky approach is modifying queries directly in the SupermetricsQueries sheet. This way you can make changes more efficiently.


  1. Open up SupermetricsQueries sheet

  1. Go to the query you want to change and click on the grey Modify button in sidebar

  1. Or you are familiar with our queries, you can type in the changes directly into the cells. Say you want to change the time range to H1 2016. You can put custom to the Data range type cell, 2016-01-01 as the Start date and 2016-06-30 as the End date


  1. At last, click on the blue Refresh button in the sidebar

Try out our templates and let us know what you think. If there is any template that could be helpful for you but we don’t offer yet, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email at zhao.hanbo@supermetrics.com


Happy reporting 🙂



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