Mar 12, 2019

20+ free marketing reporting templates for SEO, PPC, social & web analytics

18-MINUTE READ | By Anna Shutko

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[ Updated Oct 31, 2023 ]

We’re big fans of marketing reporting templates here at Supermetrics: they’re easy to use, you immediately get insights into your data, and you can easily come up with ideas for improving your paid campaigns, organic search performance, and social marketing efforts.

Products like Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Supermetrics for Google Data Studio are excellent for building insightful and powerful marketing reports. We’ve collected several templates that will help create a report for you in a matter of minutes!

With Supermetrics, you can seamlessly pull all your marketing data into these templates so you can spend less time on manual data collection and more time on marketing reporting and analysis.

Here are our top 20+ picks for paid, SEO, web analytics, and social media reporting templates.

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Performance marketing reporting templates

1. Google Ads high-level monthly reporting template for Google Sheets

Marketing reporting template for Google Ads

A must-try template for any PPC marketer. This Google Sheets report will provide you with an overview of your account statistics and show the performance of key metrics (clicks, impressions, conversions etc.). In addition, you will see breakdowns by device, month, and top 10 keywords.

>> Get the template here

2. Paid channel mix reporting template for Google Data Studio

paid channel mix template for google data studio

This Data Studio template combines data from all the key advertising platforms: Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. The template is especially useful if you are conveying the same message across different mediums to see where your campaigns resulted in a better ROI.

>> Get the template here

3. Detailed paid channel mix reporting template for Google Sheets

Detailed Paid Channel Mix Template

Just like the report above, this Google Sheets template helps track the performance of your campaigns on paid search and paid social platforms. With this report, you can go more in-depth in your analysis and see how your campaigns, ad sets, and keywords have performed on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

>> Get the template here

4. Google Ads client budget tracker and alert reporting template for Google Sheets

Google Ads Client Budget Tracker and Alert Template

This Google Sheets template is very useful if you work in a marketing agency and shows how each of your client’s budget is pacing. You can set up the target budget and an automatic trigger to receive an email notification in case your spend is over or under budget.

>> Get the template here

5. Google Ads and organic keyword performance template for Google Sheets

Google Ads and Organic Keyword Performance Template

Gain insights from a deep dive into your keywords’ performance data with this Google Sheets template. You will see which keywords have a high organic position and which ones have good PPC visibility. This data will help you in your choice of keywords for PPC campaigns.

>> Get the template here

6. Google Ads in-depth reporting template for Google Sheets

Google Ads In-depth PPC Reporting Template

This in-depth Google Ads report will show you the best and the worst performing key metrics, campaigns, keywords and targeting options to help better optimize your campaigns. The template works in Google Sheets.

>> Get the template here

7. Facebook Ads performance overview template for Google Data Studio

Facebook Ads overview report

Easily run a health check of your Facebook Ads account with this Data Studio template. You will see key metrics such as impressions, cost, clicks, and CPA along with your top campaigns’ performance and conversions breakdown by country.

>> Get the template here

8. Twitter Ads account performance overview template for Google Data Studio

This Google Data Studio template will help you get an overview of your Twitter Ads account is performing. The dashboard includes a KPI’s overview, campaigns’ performance and the breakdowns of clicks, cost, and conversions by device type. The template works in Data Studio.

>> Get the template here

9. Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads reporting template for Google Data Studio

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads comparison

This Data Studio template compares campaign data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads side by side. You will see a general overview of the cost, impressions, clicks, and conversions on each platform and a table displaying how individual campaigns have performed.

>> Get the template here

10. Quora Ads dashboard template for Google Data Studio

Quora Ads marketing reporting template

With many high-intent searches happening on this platform, Quora Ads has become a new, exciting channel for every marketer to try. This Google Data Studio template will provide a handy Quora Ads account overview and offer great insight into how your top campaigns are performing.

>> Get the template here

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SEO reporting templates

11. Traffic source reporting template for Google Sheets

Traffic source reporting template for Google Sheets

This Google Sheets reporting template will provide you with in-depth information about your traffic. It shows the best performing landing pages and keywords for organic, social, direct, paid search, and referral traffic channels.

>> Get the template here

12. Moz domain overview reporting template for Google Data Studio

Moz domain authority template for Data Studio

Need to get an overview of how different domains are performing on MOZ? This Data Studio template will provide all the key metrics for the URL comparison including MOZ Rank, page authority, domain authority, and the number of external links among others.

>> Get the template here

13. Google My Business reporting template for Google Data Studio

Google My Business Reporting Template

With this Data Studio dashboard for Google My Business you will get all the necessary information about your locations to help you better optimize them for your visitors. This template includes the most important metrics, statistics on your posts, and ratings together with review comments.

>> Get the template here

Web analytics reporting templates

14. Post-click analysis reporting template for Google Sheets

Post Click Analysis Reporting Template

Gain insights into your traffic behavior with this Google Sheets reporting template. Post Click Analysis will show how your PPC campaigns are performing on a high-level and compared to other mediums. In addition, you will see traffic breakdowns by month and device.

>> Get the template here

15. Traffic dashboard reporting template for Google Sheets

Traffic Dashboard Reporting Template

Are you interested in seeing an in-depth analysis of your traffic? This reporting template for Google Sheets will show the key metrics, traffic volume for different segments, user numbers by medium and month, and top 20 traffic sources together with landing pages.

>> Get the template here

16. Ecommerce reporting template for Google Sheets

E-commerce Reporting Template (Totals and Channels)

This Google Sheets template is a must-have for any e-commerce site. The template focuses on providing an in-depth traffic analysis, transactions and revenue numbers, best-performing products, and best-performing channels. This report also shows which demographics worked best for your business.

>> Get the template here

17. Cohort analysis reporting template for Google Sheets

Cohort Analysis Reporting Template

Cohort analysis, one of the most actionable reports in Google Analytics, can now be done in a matter of minutes with this Google Sheets template. This dashboard includes month-to-month retention rates, retention rates in different segments, and revenue numbers by cohort.

>> Get the template here

18. YoY traffic comparison template for Google Sheets

YoY Comparison Template

Get an overview of the bigger traffic trends with GA year-over-year comparison template for Google Sheets. You can select any metric you want to track to see its YoY changes: from users and sessions to CPC and total goal value; there are more than 30 options to choose from.

>> Get the template here

19. Yandex.Metrica overview reporting template for Google Data Studio

Yandex.Metrica Overview Reporting Template

Get a birds-eye view of your traffic behavior in Yandex.Metrica with this Data Studio-based template. You will see the key metrics’ performance, traffic source breakdown, and where the visitors come from.

>> Get the template here

Social reporting templates

20. Facebook page management reporting template for Google Sheets

Facebook Page Management Reporting Template

For many businesses, a well-built Facebook company page is a great way to attract visitors to their products or services. This Google Sheets template provides detailed information about your page’s comments, engagements, follower trend as well as post statistics.

>> Get the template here

21. Facebook page detailed reporting template for Google Data Studio

Facebook Page Detailed Reporting Template

This Data Studio template consists of 3 parts: a general overview, page/follower analytics and posts’ analytics. From the first page, you will see how your content is performing overall and how many people become your page followers. The second page will show your follower demographics and the last part focuses on how the audience interacts with your posts.

>> Get the template here

22. Instagram Insights reporting template for Google Data Studio

Instagram Insights template for Data Studio

Advertising on Instagram is shifting up gears with more and more businesses creating profiles on this social network. In order to make your profile attractive, you have to deliver engaging content on a regular basis. This Instagram dashboard for Google Data Studio will help you with this task: you will get all the information you need about your posts and followers to improve your performance.

>> Get the template here

Wrapping up

We really hope you found the templates from this article useful. If you want to customize the templates and add more data into them, start your free trial of Supermetrics for Google Sheets or Supermetrics for Data Studio.

Happy reporting! ?

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