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How it works

1. Enroll in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace and find the Supermetrics connectors you want to use.

2. Connect to your data sources, authenticate with your accounts, and configure data transfers into BigQuery in a few clicks.

3. Build dashboards in your favorite BI tools or in Google Data Studio with our native connector.

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Aggregate data from all your marketing and sales platforms

Consolidate data from your go-to marketing and sales platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. Compare paid campaigns across different ad networks, link advertising data with web analytics data to analyze post-click behavior, or blend marketing data with your CRM data to track marketing-generated revenue. There are limitless ways you can use your data once it’s in your data warehouse.

Visualize data in your favorite BI tools

Feed your data from BigQuery into different BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, or Power BI. You can also move your data directly into Google Data Studio with our native integration. It lets you quickly pull data from all your BigQuery tables with one connector instance (as opposed to Google’s own BigQuery connector, which plugs into just one table at a time, unless you write SQL to combine tables). It also merges data together from different tables and automatically sets data types for fields.

Take full ownership of your historical data

Most marketing platforms only store data for a limited number of months. Rather than storing your historical data in siloed spreadsheets, you can move all your marketing data into BigQuery with Supermetrics. This gives you full ownership and access to your data. Plus, you’ll overcome the cell space and computing power limitations of spreadsheets.

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Why Supermetrics?


No maintenance, no worries

Supermetrics is a no-code solution that lets you pull data from all your marketing platforms into BigQuery in minutes. Simply put, we take care of maintaining the connectors so you don't have to. If anything changes in a marketing platform’s API, you can trust that we’ll make the same change in our connector.


Secure data transfers

With Supermetrics, you know exactly where your data is coming from and going to. Your data is encrypted at the source and decrypted at the destination to make sure no one can access it during the transfer. Tracking and troubleshooting transfer errors is easy, as our connectors instantly flag any issues.


Connector quality

With Supermetrics, you can pull any metrics and dimensions you need from the most popular marketing platforms, including Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. We never mess with your data under the hood, so you can rest assured the data that gets to your warehouse is clean, unsampled, and ready to use.

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