Jan 31, 2020

Supermetrics to acquire Da Vinci Tools

By Supermetrics

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[ Updated Jan 31, 2020 ]

We’re excited to announce that Supermetrics will be acquiring Da Vinci Tools, a popular provider of Google Marketing Platform power tools for marketers and analysts. As a first step, we’ll be removing the paid tier of Da Vinci Tools, making all of its powerful features free to both current and future users.

We’re also thrilled that Da Vinci tools Founder & CEO Stephané Hamel will join Supermetrics as an evangelist, advocating for data and user privacy.

Why are Supermetrics and Da Vinci Tools joining forces?

Da Vinci Tools and Supermetrics share the mission of empowering marketers to analyze data and discover insights without technical skills. Supermetrics CEO Mikael Thuneberg says, “We’ve been on a constant lookout for new ways to create more value to our users, both by building new features and products, as well as strategic partnerships. Da Vinci Tools was a natural fit, allowing us to help marketers and analysts better report and analyze their marketing data in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, as well as the Google Analytics UI.”

Supermetrics and Da Vinci Tools share the same audience, while the products complement each other. The combined offering will provide more value to the users of both products. Da Vinci Tools Founder & CEO Stéphane Hamel says, “Finding a new home for Da Vinci Tools was super important for me. Supermetrics has a great vision, has the capacity to bring it to the next level and on top of that, I have the opportunity to endorse a product and a company that already offers powerful tools to marketers.”

Thuneberg further highlights that the acquisition of Da Vinci Tools is the first step on the road to realizing Supermetrics’ ambitious growth plans. “This is definitely just the beginning. We’re keeping our eyes open for further acquisitions and strategic partnerships, as they’re great ways to accelerate the expansion of our product offering,” Thuneberg says.

What will happen next?

With the combined offering of Supermetrics and Da Vinci Tools, marketers and analysts will be able to easily extract insights from their marketing data and report their results.

Da Vinci Tools will continue as a standalone offering, though some rebranding will happen immediately. Going forward, the Supermetrics team will support, operate, and promote Da Vinci Tools, and keep offering it to marketers and analysts for free. We’re also committed to developing new features for Da Vinci Tools, while integrating some of its features into Supermetrics’ products.

Existing Da Vinci Tools users can keep using the products and will get all paid features for free—along with support and dedicated maintenance from a larger team.

Additionally, Stéphane Hamel will join Supermterics as an evangelist, advocating for data and user privacy—a topic that we’re more than happy to bring forward, as we share a strong conviction in privacy and security.

Stéphane Hamel has been advocating for privacy through his writing and speaking. With Hamel as part of the team, Supermetrics will become a driving force for data privacy in the martech industry.

What does the acquisition signal to the martech industry?

The acquisition comes at a time of rapid consolidation. According to Scott Brinker, the martech industry shows cyclical patterns in consolidation and expansion. With a number of large acquisitions in the past six months and the growth in the number of new martech companies dropping from 30-40% in previous years to merely 3% in 2019, we’re now clearly in a consolidation phase.

The same consolidation trend is also influencing the way more and more forward-looking businesses are built. Instead of siloed platforms, they’re built as hubs, ecosystems, or toolkits that enhance or even transform existing platforms. 

Much like Copper is turning Gmail into a CRM, Supermetrics is turning G Suite into a full-blown data transfer and reporting automation tool. Similarly, Da Vinci Tools improves the tools marketers already use, making Supermetrics and Da Vinci Tools an excellent match.


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