May 13, 2024

What’s new at Supermetrics in May 2024

3-MINUTE READ | By Tea Korpi & Jessica Wei & Isha Shinde

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[ Updated May 13, 2024 ]

Happy to see you again with new Supermetrics updates. In this article, we’ll walk you through:

Introducing Usage report

“How much are we using Supermetrics?” That’s a very fair question, especially when you want to know how to maximize Supermetrics. To answer this, we’re introducing enhanced usage reports. As the name suggests, this report gives insights into your usage, for example:

  • How often does your team use Supermetrics?
  • What are your most popular data sources?
  • What are your most popular reporting destinations?
  • How long do your queries take on average? 

Log in to and visit the Usage report.

Supermetrics for Power BI is now certified by Microsoft

As a certified solution, Supermetrics for Power BI is now featured in the connector gallery, allowing direct access to Power BI. This means:

  • You can directly access and connect Supermetrics from Power BI Desktop
  • There’s no need to install any separate files for Supermetrics
  • You can use Power BI’s built-in features to schedule automatic data refreshes in your reports

Streamlined data transfer monitoring experience for data warehouse users

Data warehouse users can now create and monitor their data transfers on one page, including detailed logs for backfills, transfer runs, and queue lists for up to 365 days.

Monitor data transfer in Supermetrics

Getting conditional alerts to your email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams

You can now set up alerts for specific data conditions in your spreadsheets, such as values greater than, less than, or equal to a certain threshold. These alerts can be received via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. This way, you’ll stay on top of your performance and get notified when something requires your attention. Read more about this new feature from our customer support page.

how to set up conditional alert in Supermetrics for Google Sheets

LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report x HubSpot

LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report is now available for HubSpot CRM customers.

LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report leverages the power of CRM data, such as those from Salesforce and now HubSpot, to help marketers show how their efforts on LinkedIn influence business outcomes. Marketers can now then:

  • Identify which campaigns on LinkedIn have contributed the most to revenue
  • Present the trend from campaigns to leads, open opportunities, and closed-won deals
  • Gain a better understanding of campaigns’ ROAS

Discover how your LinkedIn ad campaigns influenced closed won deals and business revenue using our revenue attribution reporting template for Looker Studio.

Webinar: How agencies turn analytics into actionable results

With so much data coming from online ads and analytics tools, marketing agencies need to turn it into clear insights and actions that help their clients succeed. But what does that mean in practice? How can you turn data into tangible results?

Join us for a webinar with Zach Bricker, Supermetrics’ Lead Solutions Engineer, and Nicholas Baldassarre, Imagery’s Data Lead, where they’ll discuss best practices for bringing value to clients, including:

  • Methods and best practices for consolidating data and finding insights
  • How to align your marketing insights with your client’s objectives
  • Advanced analytics techniques, including segmentation, attribution modeling, and trend analysis, to uncover hidden opportunities and optimize marketing efforts

 Save your seat here.

Cannes Lions, Mumbrella360, and Supermetrics Meetup

Going to marketing conferences is a great way to learn new ideas and expand your networks. Come say hi to the Supermetrics team if you’re going to one of these events:

  • Cannes Lions (June): We’ll be attending Cannes Lions, a global advertising industry event. If you’d like to meet us, let us know by filling out this form.
  • Mumbrella360 (May 21-23):  Our CEO,  Anssi Rusi,  will discuss “Elevating marketing as the growth engine in your organization” on May 22 at 11:45 a.m.
  • Supermetrics Meetup Munich (June 19): In this meetup, we’ll discuss how to use data to power marketing strategies. Additionally, there’ll be opportunities to gain insights and network with other professionals. Register here to reserve your spot.

Customer success story: Building new products with improved efficiency using Supermetrics

First Tube is a full-service content and brand engagement agency, working with hundreds of household names like Bacardi, Mastercard, and American Airlines to produce, host, advertise, and elevate their digital experiences.

They wanted to create a product that can help brands use live content from events for advertising. However, building data pipelines to gather data from various social media platforms and influencer accounts was a major hurdle. It would be time-consuming, requiring dedicated engineers to manage constantly changing APIs and potential downtime.

We caught up with Scott Hoffman, Co-founder and COO, and David Clevinger, VP of Products, to learn how they used Supermetrics to solve these challenges and reduce their time to market by nearly 40% with their Live Look-In product.

Read the full case study.

Podcast: Impact-based attribution to measure and improve advertising ROI

In this episode, Jessica Gondolfo chats with Zeke Camusio, founder and CEO of Data Speaks. Zeke breaks down the concept of impact-based attribution and explains how it can help you optimize your marketing budget and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Tune in to learn:

  • What impact-based attribution is, and how it differs from traditional attribution models
  • How Data Speaks uses machine learning to measure the true impact of marketing campaigns
  • How to identify areas where you can be spending your marketing budget more efficiently
  • How Data Speaks is using Supermetrics to centralize data to acquire customers at scale
  • Tips for converting paid traffic into organic traffic

Listen to the full episode.

And that’s a wrap for May. We’ll see you in June with new updates.

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